Urgent plea over theft and hoarding of PPE

Image: RNZ.

The Association of Salaried Medical Specialists is putting out an urgent plea for people to stop taking hospital supplies of personal protective equipment.

ASMS members at several DHBs have raised concerns that essential equipment needed to fight Covid-19 is going missing.

ASMS executive director Sarah Dalton says it’s not just the odd mask being taken.

"We’ve had reports of wholesale uplifts of things like scrubs, masks and hand sanitiser. Supplies of PPE are vital during this Covid-19 crisis and senior doctors say it’s putting the health and safety of all frontline health workers at risk."

One hospital has reportedly been forced to put sanitiser supplies in a locked office, while one DHB has emailed staff asking them not to take PPE supplies home or hoard them for personal use.

Sarah Dalton says while some people may be taking items out of fear, there have been suggestions that PPE is being taken home to families, or even sold for profit.

"Having supplies go missing is adding to the anxiety that there isn’t enough PPE to go around.

Doctors are being told they have to wear their own clothes because there aren’t enough scrubs to change into, putting them and those they come into contact with at higher risk of infection.

"The Prime Minister has asked us to be kind. Nicking masks and hand sanitiser is clearly not part of the lockdown plan," Sarah says.

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Posted on 01-04-2020 15:45 | By morepork

Yours is a great idea! Simple and effective...


Posted on 01-04-2020 15:44 | By morepork

...nicked PPE will NOT stop you getting the virus. It means that health professionals working in the front line don’t need to keep changing their clothes, but in and of itself, PPE does not prevent catching the virus. Cornell in New York City (now dedicated entirely to Covid-19) has determined that the virus is caught (almost exclusively) by being transferred from your hands to your face, where it enters your system through your eyes, nose, or mouth. A mask is useful if you habitually touch your face, but for most of us who are not constantly exposed to the virus for extensive periods, PPE is no use whatsoever. Stop stealing it and leave it for the frontline people who DO actually need it...

Be worried

Posted on 29-03-2020 07:03 | By

You know it’s bad when medical staff are nicking stuff to take home.

I Don't Care

Posted on 28-03-2020 13:32 | By

Who this is. It is straight out theft and should be dealt with severely through the Courts. This puts lives at risk - the lives of those that are doing their utmost to utilize their skills to save others lives. THIEF, THIEF, THIEF.


Posted on 28-03-2020 11:41 | By hapukafin

New production of PPE should have DHB printed in a prominant place so it can be seen when worn.This should have done years ago.