Essential businesses to stay open

Animates is one of the essential businesses staying open. Photo: Daniel Hines.

New Zealand is in lockdown but Bay of Plenty people can still connect through Sun Media’s news website: and can now find essential services near them on a separate tab on the Tauranga City App.

Only essential business will be open during this time and the government has a list of what are considered essential businesses at its website:

Sun Media now has a comprehensive list of local essential services on the Tauranga City App under a new ‘ESSENTIAL SERVICES’ tab. People can download the app and add their own essential service to the list.

In general supermarkets and dairies can stay open as well as vet clinics, medical centres and petrol stations.

Businesses staying open during the four-week period have made announcements on their Facebook page or website and have also included what services they will be offering and what people can do to help them out during this time.

Businesses are encouraging people to ring them before visiting, medical clinics and vet clinics waiting rooms have been closed and opening hours for many businesses staying open have been reduced.

Local vet clinics are asking people to wait in their car upon arrival to the clinic and to ring reception. Petrol stations have also closed store access and are using the night pay windows.

A full list of local businesses remaining open is on the Tauranga City App, available from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. SunLive also has a separate ‘CORONAVIRUS’ category for all the latest local and national updates.

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Posted on 28-03-2020 09:31 | By The Sage

How are kiwifruit pack houses allowed to stay open? They may be a primary industry however they are not an essential industry. Most of the product is exported. Having said that how would they possibly be observing the 2 metre rule? Surely this is compromising the health of the community.