Day two of lockdown in Tauranga

Images Daniel Hines/SunLive.

Tauranga has been described as “eerily empty” on day two of the COVID-19 lockdown.

A SunLive photographer has been capturing the scenes around the Bay of Plenty today.

“Tauranga has been pretty quiet, similar to yesterday,” he says. 

One Tauranga woman who went out for a bike ride in Papamoa says she saw “very few” cars on the road and pedestrians keeping their distance.

“I was out for a bike ride and saw wonderful humans giving people distance smiling and waving crossing the street to give distance.

“I can’t help but think how lucky we are that people are taking this seriously.”

Another Mount Maunganui resident says when out delivering meals for the Red Cross, she saw many people biking, walking and skateboarding.

“Many young families were out on their bikes, couples walking and serious skateboarders making the most of the main empty roads.

“I was surprised to see quite a few people swimming in the ocean around the Tay Street area but also noticed a police officer taking notes.”

All playgrounds closed at Fergusson Park, Matua 

A rest home employee says when commuting to work over the past two days she has seen many children playing on a play area at Bell Common Close in Bethlehem.

“Us workers have to walk through the park to get to our cars and today the guy and his daughter who were on bikes completely blocked the path and I had to squeeze past them to get to my car.

“It pisses me off so much because if I get sick I could potentially kill hundreds.”

Empty Ngatai Road.

Civil Defence Emergency Management director Sarah Stuart-Black says while most people were complying with the lockdown, there were several incidents of people gathering and police have responded to those.

There is a total of 368 confirmed and probable cases of COVID-19 in New Zealand.

No boats near the harbour entrance. 

Chapel Street.

Downtown Tauranga. 

A big teddy bear on a balcony of a Mount Maunganui apartment. 

Mount Mainstreet. 

Mount Main Beach. 

A few walkers out near Tay Street. An empty bus stop. 

Mauao walking tracks have been closed. 

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Not noticed much of a slow down

Posted on 27-03-2020 19:36 | By Kancho

Well about half the traffic on Pyes Pa road but still significant. Counted 95 mostly private cars while walking for 30 minutes late morning. Didn’t look like most were essential services people by age and dress? Seems the bridge checkpoint was even more so.


Posted on 27-03-2020 19:19 | By

Im amazed of how may people in greerton and in carlisle st walking cars doing burn outs. Wy dont you peoplle and young ones .lisson i want to go back to work so for goodnes sake STAY AT HOME so we can have our lifes back to normal. The more you go out the more we will stay i lock down i hope the police give you a big ticket i reckon if u dont have a gd reason why you are out driving u should loose ya licence for a month poblem solved