COVID-19 police checkpoint in Tauranga

Images/Video: Daniel Hines/SunLive.

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Police are manning COVID-19 checkpoints in Tauranga today.

A SunLive photographer says police wearing personal protective equipment are checking vehicles opposite Tauranga Bridge Marina. 

“They are checking traffic that is going over the Harbour Bridge, but trucks are getting waved through.

“Every car is being stopped.”

The photographer says there is a heavy police presence on Tauranga roads today.

A police spokesperson says the checkpoint in place at Tauranga Harbour Bridge enable police to speak to motorists and provide education in relation to the current restrictions. 

"If people are out in the community, Police may ask them some questions to check they are okay, and what support they might need.

If necessary they will provide advice on self-isolation and ensure they are complying with the current restrictions, and if they are not, we will advise them how best to do that."

Staff have been issued with PPE, he says. 

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Curfew breakers

Posted on 01-04-2020 12:55 | By SonnyJim

I wonder if it is a thing ? - That people who use cell-phones while driving are the most likely group to make trivial car trips ?


Posted on 28-03-2020 11:00 | By morepork

I share your surprise. All I can think of is that there are still people who simply haven’t realized what lockdown means. Hopefully, by the coming week it will be better.


Posted on 28-03-2020 10:59 | By morepork

Given that the Government has allocated $16 billion to fight this virus, it seems reasonable that we should TRY and maintain whatever revenue streams we can SAFELY support, for as long as possible. I’m sure there will be new rules in the packhouses. If it isn’t viable then they will have to close, but it is understandable that Government is reluctant to do that.

Keep your hands off our car

Posted on 27-03-2020 16:18 | By First Responder

Cornavirus can survive on hard surfaces. Police, keep your hands off our cars

Pyes Pa

Posted on 27-03-2020 15:47 | By Kancho

A 30 minute maximum walk mid day and counted 95 mostly private cars . Obviously most by age or dress and time of day not essential workers . Didn’t count the relatively few who were going to the supermarket as I walked passed there. Probably a out half the normal traffic but far more than I would have thought. Are they all going minimum distance for groceries ? driving passed the local supermarket as they do ? Interesting the traffic is pretty much constant and whilst a bit less certainly still a busy road? Think it’s not nearly serious enough yet and lots seem to justify and why they think they should be travelling.

Heartfelt thanks

Posted on 27-03-2020 15:46 | By nerak

to the boys and girls in blue, their job is now busier and tougher. I question the face masks, and lack of safety glasses? Would they not be better with perspex visors? Go safe, stay well, all of you.


Posted on 27-03-2020 15:43 | By

@The Professor, income?? Money should be the last thing on peoples minds right now.


Posted on 27-03-2020 14:57 | By

Seriously ComeOnNow, if you look at the list of essential businesses, you will find a category call ’Primary Industries’. Kiwifruit is a primary industry hence why all the packhouses are still open. This industry is a major source of income for this of the biggest export commodities.


Posted on 27-03-2020 14:17 | By Local Too

To me those police are not two metres from the person in the vehicle. As for kiwi fruit its food. To me everyone wants to snitch on everyone else.

Fine them for second offence.

Posted on 27-03-2020 13:59 | By

No need for any person to be crossing the bridge if they are not either going to or coming back from work


Posted on 27-03-2020 13:52 | By

I cannot believe how busy it appears to be at this check point. Where an earth are all those cars going. There is doctors, chemists, supermarkets and petrol stations on both sides of the harbour bridge so there should be no reason apart from Trucks, buses and front line people crossing that bridge along with a few people that still have to work. I would be interested to know if the police took a count of all the cars that they found travelings unnecessary across the bridge.


Posted on 27-03-2020 13:51 | By

Why are all the kiwifruit packhouses still open? Kiwifruit is far from essential. Greedy people only worried about money.