Calls for anglers and hunters to stay home

Hunters and anglers are being advised to stay at home.

Fish & Game New Zealand are calling for anglers and hunters to stay at home during the four-week lockdown.

While they are calling for people stay home, the Government says people can still go outdoors as long as they stick to the 2m rule.

"The advice we have is that at Alert Level 4 anglers and hunters should not undertake activities that expose them and others to higher levels of risk," says Fish & Game New Zealand Chief Executive Martin Taylor.

"We are also advised that DOC huts and campsites are closed as they do not meet minimum separation requirements."

This seems to be more of a recommendation, howver, rather than a rule, as NZ First have taken to twitter saying that people can still go outside, as long as they keep the 2m distance rule.

New Zealand Search and Rescue is also asking people to stick to simple outdoor exercise and avoid areas where they could get lost or require search and rescue.

NZSAR want to ensure that emergency services are available to help those in the greatest need.

Fishing and hunting, even close to home, inherently carry a degree of risk and it is important for anglers and hunters not to further burden our emergency services and healthcare system, says Fish & Game.

"It's heart-breaking to not be able to spend time in the outdoors, especially as for many of us this is our main way to destress, but we all have our part to play to beat COVID-19," says Martin.

"The point of the next four weeks is to kill the virus in New Zealand so that life goes back to normal as quickly as possible. Let’s stay home for four weeks then we can get outdoors and back into angling and hunting."

The Level 4 lockdown period is scheduled to end prior to the start of the game bird season, and if we are all responsible during the next four weeks the game bird season is on.

"We ask for your patience while we piece together the complexities of what we are facing. In particular, we will have further advice on pegging day as soon as possible.

"It is our intention to give anglers and hunters ongoing updates on our facebook page and website."

Please keep up-to-date with all the most recent Government guidance around COVID-19 at

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Hunting & fishing...

Posted on 26-03-2020 09:09 | By Border Patrol

..can be a solitary pastime and I understand why this is being questioned by some. However, its because accidents can happen, and other people (usually volunteers) have to come to the rescue. This then puts them at risk, plus also puts strain on medical services which are already on high alert with Covid. Lyrch, I also agree with you that essential workers should be recognised with extra leave or pay after this all dies down. It’s a bit disheartening to hear of some people having four weeks off with full pay who are using it like a holiday, where others are having to work under very high pressure circumstances.

Still at work

Posted on 25-03-2020 15:08 | By Lyrch

And here’s me thinking that an essential service employee, a low paid truck driver at a major port, was going to be spending 4 weeks hunting and fishing courtesy of a paid break from the government. But no, like thousands of other NZer’s that are still required to work in these uncertain times, won’t be getting any break whatsoever. I fact, many will probably be working harder and suffering heightened levels of anxiety with the knowledge that may they have an increased chance of contracting covid-19 and giving it to their immediate family members. I am sure the government will come up with some sort of package to ease the burden for these brave and noble human beings who will be at the forefront tackling this virus head on?!


Posted on 25-03-2020 11:21 | By

My wife is still working for minimum wage making cheesecakes In A building with 50 other people and I cannot go down to my local beach set a net and catch fresh fish away from crowds . I just don’t get it


Posted on 25-03-2020 09:57 | By hapukafin

What abetter place than to isolate yourself and a buddy on the briney or in the bush,dunbkof2 you are right there is a hunter or fisherman within arms length in every direction you look ready to sneeze at you,more people than there is in the supermarket or at Furguson Park.Isolate but lets use common sense too.


Posted on 25-03-2020 09:42 | By dumbkof2

so we are not allowed to go fishing or hunting but can still go to supermarkets. sorry i forgot there will be thousands of people out there in the bush and out on the water all within 2 m of me. just another idiotic idea causing more panic