The Warehouse will stay open during lockdown

The Warehouse's 92 stores will stay open during the coronavirus lock down. Photo: ALDEN WILLIAMS/STUFF

The Warehouse will remain open during New Zealand's four-week isolation period

In an announcement to the sharemarket, The Warehouse says it's a provider of key consumer goods for New Zealanders. 

Online stores and The Warehouse Group fulfilment centres, servicing The Warehouse, Torpedo7, Noel Leeming and Warehouse Stationary, would also continue to operate. 

"In the past two weeks the group has seen unprecedented demand for essential items across all our brands. Goods sold included essential items to prepare themselves for the mandatory isolation period of at least four weeks," says the retailer.

The Warehouse will implement new safety protocols across its 92 stores to protect staff and customers, including additional cleaning, leave and wellbeing support. 

"We are working with New Zealand's two major supermarkets to submit to government personal protection equipment requirements and supply for our people," says the statement.

"Customers in store will be asked to adhere to new protocols including social distancing and limiting purchasing, in some cases, to two items per product."

The Warehouse had already implemented limits on high-demand products such as toilet paper, hand sanitiser and face masks. 

During the level 4 lockdown, most retailers will be closed. 

Supermarkets have been given special dispensation to remain open with some altered conditions. 

This included reduced hours, face masks for staff and perspex at the checkouts. 

The major supermarket chains, Countdown and Foodstuffs, have continued to call on New Zealanders to shop normally during the lockdown period. 

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Greed from the management

Posted on 24-03-2020 17:00 | By Tga Citizen

The Warehouse and the rest of the group is not essential. Lockdown is only effective if we all do our bit. The more businesses open, the greater the chances of comunity transmission, and the longer we will need to be in isolation.

They should Shut

Posted on 24-03-2020 16:16 | By Qalad

Just heard the PM say that you should not expect to be able to go the warehouse.

really ?

Posted on 24-03-2020 14:08 | By rogue

buying food is essential, running hospitals & medical centres are essential, the emergency services are essential. buying crap from a department store is NOT essential. make them close & lets help stop the spread now instead of going to level five.

Warehouse trading

Posted on 24-03-2020 13:23 | By

Well that just takes the cake doesn’t it. The Warehouse, with all its cheap Imports, has played a big part in ruining NZs manufacturing industry and economy and now we’re going to allow them dispensation to continue to operate during the 4 week lock down.....unbelievable!!!

God help us.

Posted on 24-03-2020 13:14 | By Justin T.

Can you imagine the number of stupid people out there screwing it up for the rest of us! I can hear them now a week into lockdown. "I’m so bored; hey kids The Warehouse is open, lets go and find some new DVDs and games." I hope Darwins Theory of Evolution kicks in this time round. Regards Justin T.


Posted on 24-03-2020 12:56 | By Laurie

of the lock down. There is nothing the Warehouse sell that is essential & before you say ’food’ well you can buy that at the Supermarkets. I smell a rat & think that someone at the top has been pulling a few strings!!

Disposable staff?

Posted on 24-03-2020 12:32 | By laugeo

The Warehouse remains open BUT they are not protecting their staff! At this time not even sanitiser or gloves available to staff. They need to have a serious look too at what is actually essential goods rather than leaving the store open to browsing. It is literally business as usual and not appropriate in the circumstances.

Thin edge of the wedge

Posted on 24-03-2020 12:16 | By

Dear Mr Warehouse CEO We are trying to reduce crowd situations. You have no products which are life critical that you can not buy at the supermarket. Look after NZ and not your shareholders. Last time I shop with you.

Just shows you

Posted on 24-03-2020 11:52 | By

What a joke the isolation level 4 is. Everyone in someway can lead their business back to essential services. Wonder if Repco will stay open to supply those still on the road and since we can actually go out, therefore panelbeaters should stay open, leading to NZTS staying open to supply towels and overalls, . . . Should be all or nothing. Come on Jacinda we need to halt the spread. There’s too many holes in the containment.