Tauranga mayor and councillor lock horns

Tenby Powell.

Tauranga City Mayor Tenby Powell says he has apologised for his outburst towards councillor Andrew Hollis but still wouldn’t have a coffee with him.

The council will consider the results of an investigation into a code of conduct breach at a meeting on Tuesday.

The complaint by Andrew and subsequent investigation relates to comments Mayor Tenby made during a briefing meeting of the council’s elected members and some council staff on March 5.

He said; “Councillors Dawn [Kiddie] and Andrew need to stop posting the s**t they have over the past couple of weeks”.

He then refused an offer by Andrew to sit down and discuss their differences over a cup of coffee, replying; “… I will never drink with a f***ing climate denying racist”.

Tenby says he was wrong to make the comments and has apologised to everyone present.

“I will adapt and grow and I won’t do it again.”

He did not trust Andrew and his stance on the Treaty of Waitangi was “deeply hurtful” to a lot of people in the community and potentially damaging to the council’s relationship with iwi.

Andrew says he won’t tolerate “bullying” and this had started three days into his term as a new councillor when Tenby told him to resign.

This followed publicity over comments Andrew made on Facebook, during his election campaign, that the Waitangi Tribunal should now be disbanded and the Treaty should be burned.

He says the latest outburst against him was after he “locked horns” with the Mayor over proposed rates rises and ended in a “stand-up, shouting rant” from Tenby.

Andrew is aware his views on the Treaty have put him off side with some of the other councillors but they had all sat down and discussed areas where they could work together and areas that are “no go zones”.

Andrew Hollis.

He says if the mayor had made the same comments to him over a cup of coffee he would not have made the complaint, but because other councillors and staff were present, it was highly inappropriate.

“He expects everyone to capitulate to his views. It’s my way or the highway.”

Tenby says his approach right from the start was to “grab the bull by the horns and get it done” and paraphrased a Winston Churchill quote.

“If you are not making enemies, you are not standing up for anything.”

He regretted his outburst but anything he said during a private meeting with Andrew would simply end up as “a Facebook post at 11pm at night”.

“I will continue to stand against Andrew Hollis’ comments and behaviour which is hateful and creates deep hurt in the community.”

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Posted on 26-03-2020 16:54 | By R. Bell

continuing to punish the Mayor is fruitless.There is no point even debating that, he has and is apologising. If people are so inflexible that they can not forgive a lapse of self control, at any level then we all deserve a continuation of mediocre representation. A symbolic destruction of the treaty is both disrespectful and a breech of council protocols. The case around the treaty has been argued ad nauseum for years and is resolved in law.Like it or lump it, not a city council matter.

@R. Bell

Posted on 26-03-2020 14:00 | By morepork

I accept your point that not only the Mayor could have behaved better. But he is supposed to set an example and he patently didn’t. As for "Andrews disrespect of treaty requirements" that is completely arguable and you have your position on it. Many people agree with each of you. And you are both free to express your views and argue your case. There is no reason why expressing an unpopular opinion (if it is that...) should result in bullying and ranting from someone who is expected to know better. "Dawns activism for the Papamoa rate payers association" is no less than is required by her electors. I have no issue with the Mayor (or anybody) disagreeing with both of them; my issue is with the breach of conduct and abuse of power to bully them. That’s the real issue here. Stay safe.

Forgot to add,

Posted on 24-03-2020 09:29 | By R. Bell

Good luck to all with the virus precautions.

Dig deeper,morepork.

Posted on 24-03-2020 09:20 | By R. Bell

If you familiarise yourself with Tauranga city council code of conduct, heading Relationships and Behaviours, you will find reference to the requirement that members are charged with maintaining public confidence in both council and individual members. This thread is evidence of a failure to do that by all three of the principles, not solely the Mayor. This did not start with any rate rise proposal but with Andrews disrespect of treaty requirements and Dawns activism for the Papamoa rate payers association. All three deserve criticism. Keep it fair.

@Colleen Spiro

Posted on 24-03-2020 00:45 | By morepork

If there is a directive that says "the Mayor must not be publicly disrespected" then it is nonsense. In another time, people didn’t need to be told not to disrespect each other, but we live in an age of instant communication where people can post without thinking and the results are the very bad signal-to-noise ratio we see on public fora. Whatever my views are on Mayor Powell, I wouldn’t descend to personal attack, but I would certainly show disrespect, and I furthermore maintain I have a democratic right to do so. If you want respect then earn it. Be respectable and don’t bully people or try to silence dissent. The real issue here is dissent over a 12.6% rates rise, and a fumbling, inept attempt to suppress that dissent. The rest is just smoke screen and pomposity. The Mayor deserves criticism and he’s getting it.

How about a straight answer Colleen?

Posted on 23-03-2020 07:45 | By

Colleen makes claims that Dawn has posted derogatory comments about our Mayor Tenby, or should I say Macho Mayor? Colleen is challenged to quote those comments but doesn’t. I’ve only ever seen very reasonable comments from Cr Dawn opposing Tenby and Larry’s 12% rates hike. Just what were the derogatory comments Colleen, or was it just that Dawn had a different opinion from Tenby and dared to go on social media. From what I’ve seen the mayor is always on social media and rarely includes the council. It’s usually about him.

Powell a hypocrite

Posted on 22-03-2020 21:54 | By

On one hand he wants to help the homeless, then proposes to put the rates up and waste money on YUPPY projects like the Elizabeth St revamp. Rates go up, rent goes up. More people homeless. Yes I do regret voting for him. Tauranga needs to fight this. We don’t need the pressure considering alot of us could be without work because of the coronavirus

Got Me

Posted on 22-03-2020 20:24 | By

Well if Racism is going to be a factor in this discussion can someone explain how Maori are going to get $56.5 Million extra for the inconvenience of the Corona Virus. Seems to me this is decided on Race.

Petty Dictator

Posted on 22-03-2020 19:16 | By sobeit

Remember how Tenby stood for "Tauranga needs better leadership ". Well he has sure proved the point. Tauranga had better leadership than this. Come back Greg...all is forgiven

Just Read

Posted on 22-03-2020 19:03 | By Merlin

Just read all the comments here and as a 77 year old I say to you all GROW up.


Posted on 22-03-2020 17:15 | By Colleen Spiro

Oh and where did the comments from Andrew64 go, that were here originally? They are on this page I have a copy of the comments


Posted on 22-03-2020 17:12 | By Colleen Spiro

If you want any more answers or screenshots from me...please feel free to pm me....I am just about the only only one you will be able to find on FB, because I use my real name.


Posted on 22-03-2020 16:28 | By

I’m not sure how I “dropped myself in it”? But there you go again jumping to conclusions and calling everybody racist if they have an opinion on something. Hollis was sworn in because he was voted in. He has a view on the relevance of the Treaty today. It doesn’t make him racist, nor people who voted for him. Some may be. Calling people “red necks” does. You display exactly the same traits as Powell - that is a complete intolerance of other people who do not share your views, and then ranting, throwing tantrums and name calling. Personally I didn’t vote for either of them. But they are both entitled to their opinions. As is everybody. Intolerance to other views is just the same as intolerance to other people. It’s narcissism and it’s dangerous. We don’t need a Mayor like that.

Important question for Colleen

Posted on 22-03-2020 15:50 | By

Following all the comments here I think you need to prove you accusation that Cr Dawn spoke out and made derogatory comments about your heroic mayor. So please state what she actually said. Please also show how a man with huge resources has used any of those to be empathetic with the vulnerable. Empathy is cheap. To the contrary he has further marginalised our vulnerable downtown businesses by allowing begging right in front of their doorways. This will see even more businesses close. Anyway some of Dawn’s quotes would be helpful in judging the truth.

Jackie and Shady

Posted on 22-03-2020 14:32 | By Colleen Spiro

Jackie I certainly do not idolise any man at all....and as for Dawn speaking out and making derogatory comments about the Mayor publicly, it is actually against Code of Conduct to disrespect the Mayor or other Councillors in a public forum. Dawn is not exempt from from those rules. Tenby has also shown empathy toward our most vulernable in this city, unlike former Mayors...This is not about his personal wealth. Dawn has to earn respect and from what I have seen so far, she is not make any independent decisions, tagging people in BOP Times forums, bating them to be a voice for her. Shady I apologise if I misread your comments re Maori, but you went on to drop yourself in it. I am far from racist, and personally want Hollis gone for his racist views. He should never have been sworn in, in my opinion

And there it is . . .

Posted on 22-03-2020 14:25 | By

The fighting, name-calling, abusing eachother. This is exactly what’s happened within Council. So I think Kancho (Calm Down Everybody) sums it up pretty darn well. Powell and Hollis need to just suck it up, calm down and get on with their jobs. And yes for the record I crucify Hollis for blowing all this out of all proprtion. I really don’t care who said what. Get on with your jobs both of you. (Dawn, well she’s just piggy in the middle - a pawn for Hollis)


Posted on 22-03-2020 12:38 | By

Just after it became about "red necks" by the looks of it. Only my bias was being complimentary to Maori. Unlike you who is a complete racist and happy to show it.


Posted on 22-03-2020 12:28 | By

Hahaha. There I was complementing Moari and how respectfully they conduct themselves in meetings - you accuse me of bias (I suppose it was really, sorry about that), then I read your drivel about "red necks". Your racist bias is showing. Another who only follows rules when it suits them.

Calm down everybody

Posted on 22-03-2020 11:32 | By Kancho

Keep calm and carry on people more to worry about than toys being thrown out of the cot. Council need to take a breath and get on with the business of running the council business as efficiently as possible. It’s grow up time, most of us who have worked know you don’t get on with everyone nor agree with everyone but still have to do the job. In the real world you suck it up or get fired as you are paid to do a job. Choosing to be in politics you will always get critics no matter what you do and say it goes with the territory. So cut out the Trump esk media crap. All the good you may try to do will be washed away as perception with one incident.


Posted on 22-03-2020 10:42 | By

Andrew & Dawn, you are not to give the Colonel any more one or two finger Salutes or you’ll be doing 1000 laps of the Committee Room. ;)

Get used to it

Posted on 22-03-2020 10:16 | By

Hey Tenby! This is Tauranga, New Zealand’s happy home for climate science denying racists. Better get used to them and their elected representatives.

Come on Colleen, let's show some support for Cr Dawn

Posted on 22-03-2020 09:32 | By

Colleen and others conveniently ignore parts of the report they’ve read that refer to Mayor Tenby trying to silence Cr Dawn Kiddie from speaking her mind on social media against Tenby and Larry’s rampant rates rises. So hypocritical that Tenby features on social and other media on just about everything that could promote him. Isn’t it fair enough that Dawn can speak her mind? I think her comments show restraint and certainly aren’t derogatory. I can’t understand the number of women who seem to idolise Tenby to the point they are blind to the type of behaviour he has exhibited to Cr Kiddie which I’d call bullying. Maybe that’s not surprising from a very rich ex Aucklander trying to foist rates rise which will adversley affect our most vulnerable including disadvantaged women who usually bear the brunt of budget difficulties. Lets stand up to this hyper masculine military mayor.


Posted on 22-03-2020 09:07 | By Colleen Spiro

So when did this become about Maori... kia tupato...your bias is showing

Bell double standards

Posted on 22-03-2020 07:34 | By

It’s funny isn’t it. When you look at how Maori conduct themselves in any type of formal meeting it is all about respect, allowing other voices and opinions to be heard. You would think you would know that. But, like Powell, you are happy to ignore that when it suits. And like Powell, you deride people of Tauranga if they disagree - “typical of some in Tauranga”. I don’t know why you live here or why Powell came here. No, sorry, I know why Powell came here - to promote himself on national TV in readiness for the Beehive. He’s using Tauranga and using Ratepayers money as a campaign fund.

Hollis Supporters

Posted on 21-03-2020 21:47 | By Colleen Spiro

Just shows how people hide behind a non de plume and the rednecks come out in force to support Hollis, who if you read the report from page 61 quite clearly shows him breaching the code of conduct himself, denigrating the Mayor on Social Media.... Kia Kaha Tendy, it must have been a trying 6 months attempting to keep these two ineffectual Councillors in line. I know that I have seen shocking behaviours inside Chambers from Hollis. Act your age Hollis and get on with the job or stand down.

ex militry

Posted on 21-03-2020 21:32 | By

i have said it before ex army officer is not a people person, should not be mayor, they are not suitable for these jobs, i know had bitter experience in the past, he should have gone for a prison officer job, he would be excellent at it, vote him out next time.

With you R. Bell

Posted on 21-03-2020 21:27 | By

Mayor Tenby Powell has apologized to those concerned. Everyone, no matter their position, loses the plot at times. Hollis has been riding our Mayor from day 1 and his hate speech does not become his position. This is no excuse for Mayor Powell’s outburst but does make it understandable, not right but understandable. Hollis runs his mouth off and then complains when someone loses it and swears at him. Hollis needs to grow a pair. Never will I vote for Hollis again - what a big mistake I made there. There is a time and place for Hollis to air his hate speech and through using his position on Council is not it. His comments are appalling and spit hatred compared to what Mayor Tenby Powell said.

No confidence.

Posted on 21-03-2020 18:24 | By beejay8

This isn’t a display of the kind of leadership Tauranga needs. It’s a show of pettiness. It’s hard to believe that Tenby will be up to the job of Mayor when he blows up at the first test of his mettle. Read the full report: he actually took his jacket off during the spat.

We support Cr Dawn Kiddie

Posted on 21-03-2020 17:47 | By

The Hollis bit is a red herring. This complaint is about the mayor of Tauranga abusing two councillors for opposing the ridiculous rates rise supported by Tenby Baldock Clout Salisbury Hughes and Abrie. Apparently they had the cheek to express their thoughts on social media. This mayor is all over social media so that seems hypocritical to me. Cr Dawn Kiddie has impeccable integrity and it’s a shame to see Mayor Tenby Powell try and restrict her comments which I thought were sensible. Most of us don’t own an $18 million auckland house like our Mayor.


Posted on 21-03-2020 16:10 | By R. Bell

I may or may not be a civilized debater, does it really matter? Fact is Andrew is a populist councilor, no matter what his opinion on treaty matters he is in no position to action them. Therefore he wastes his time. when he should be addressing council matters, full time. I understand the mayors frustration. As for his use of bad language, come on, this is totally common these days and he apologised for that. Perpetual whinging achieves nothing but stagnation and, as in the past a lack of vision. Typical of some in Tauranga.

Disappointed- Marian

Posted on 21-03-2020 16:04 | By Kinloch

You have my support Andrew. I wish I had voted for you for Mayor. We knew what we were going to get with you and thought we knew what we were going to get with Tenby - MASSIVE MISTAKE. Hope you stand at the next election where you will get my support.

Very Sad Man

Posted on 21-03-2020 15:53 | By DaKiwiBean

Powell is a narcissist, so we will get no apology cause it’s all about him. Questioning Dawn Kiddle’s integrity is unacceptable. 20yrs as a JP yeah right. Dawn has now been ’gagged’ and can not vote on Tuesday. So let’s see if the other female councillors support Dawn. Powell

Andrew for Mayor

Posted on 21-03-2020 14:18 | By grobertson

Andrew was voted in by a lot of people precisely because if his views, which are our views. Good on him for continuing to stand for his views against such blatant disregard for anything but what the "establishment" want. Yes I’m disappointed but not at all surprised. The mayor & cronies still need to learn this is a democracy with all views shared. Stand firm as our representative Andrew.


Posted on 21-03-2020 14:05 | By morepork

I’m surprised at you, Robin. I understand your fierce and continuing support for things Treaty related, but you have always been a civilized debater. Are you seriously condoning Powell on this occasion just because he is "anti-Hollis"?

@Antarctic Chief

Posted on 21-03-2020 14:01 | By morepork

I just saw your post and it was uncanny how we had used the same words. Obviously, I agree 100% with your post.

@ By Informed

Posted on 21-03-2020 13:57 | By morepork

Yes, we DO need to "stand up to Racism". Minds do need to be changed. But do you seriously think that is best achieved by a community leader ranting and behaving like a bully? You win arguments by presenting better arguments, not by bulldozing and steam-rollering the opposition. Mayor Powell has lost a lot of credibility over this, may have irreparably damaged his chances of re-election, and has not helped the case in "standing up against Racism" in any way at all.

Good move.

Posted on 21-03-2020 13:07 | By

Good move Mr Mayor we don’t need a Racist on our Council. Contrary to popular belief Councillor Hollis, you’re there to represent the whole community not just the rednecks of Tauranga.

Join the club Tenby.

Posted on 21-03-2020 13:03 | By R. Bell

You will find most posting here have rubbished every council and mayor for the last few decades. It’s what they do, hate progress, hate council spending, hate any reference to the treaty and the rights contained in law. Andrew simply panders to their needs, meanwhile life goes on. A simple slap on the wrist should be your "punishment"if any.


Posted on 21-03-2020 12:51 | By dumbkof2

powel out. hollis in

This is NOT about...

Posted on 21-03-2020 12:45 | By morepork

… Racism, Climate change, or any other matter of policy. It is about leadership, staying calm, and behaving properly. There will be a wide range of opinions in Council and any Mayor of any worth will know and understand that. If you are unhappy with what people are posting then you take them aside and discuss it; you don’t throw a tantrum like a spoilt playground bully. And you DON’T carry grudges... Get your differences resolved and get over it. If you will never agree on a policy, agree to disagree, and use the mechanisms in place to debate it in a civilized way. We deserve better leadership than this.


Posted on 21-03-2020 12:38 | By morepork

I’m one. As an ex-soldier myself, I hoped for proper leadership and sound judgement from the military man. Not temper tantrums, grudge carrying, and bullying.

A Bully he is..

Posted on 21-03-2020 11:46 | By DaKiwiBean

Powell is a bully, he has a proven track record. He’s gotta go. Ask him about Peter Begg’s. Better still, ready the Wellington newpapers 18mth ago.. He’s a total Arse. Go Andrew we support you and Dawn..

What a Spanking

Posted on 21-03-2020 11:43 | By

The honourable thing to do Tenby is resign, the people have spoken.

Krusty Gets Busted

Posted on 21-03-2020 10:19 | By

A couple of weeks ago he derided Tauranga people as being small minded and insular if they dared to oppose huge rate increases. And those who disagreed with HIM were simply throwing a tantrum. Well now just look who is throwing the tantrums. What a narcissist. The writing was on the wall when he chose Sideshow Bob as his sidekick. What a pair.

Hyper masculinity on parade

Posted on 21-03-2020 09:53 | By

The funniest bit, although this isn’t a laughing matter, in the report you can find on the council website, is where Mayor Tenby allegedly stands up in some hyper masculine display. Would another way of saying hyper masculine display be like a strutting peacock? Now I’m wondering what we voters have done.

Quoting famous people

Posted on 21-03-2020 09:48 | By Kaimai

If you are going to quote Churchill you should check history - who wanted to open a second front in WW1 at Gallipoli; in WW2 who sent New Zealanders and Australians to Greece?

A terrible way to treat Cr Dawn Kiddie

Posted on 21-03-2020 09:44 | By

None if the comments so far address the fact that Mayor Tenby Powell has also attacked new councillor Dawn Kiddie over social media posts saying she has to stop posting sh#t. I have found Dawn to be a sensible intelligent woman and ideal councillor. We must not allow allow her to be bullied by this man. Has the play colonel thing gone to his head? All I see was n the media is Tenby this and Tenby that. His promotion team certainly has done a good job but it doesn’t fool me.

Tauranga deserves a better Mayor

Posted on 21-03-2020 09:31 | By

This outburst has nothing to do with racism or climate change or even flat earthism. Although all over social media and the news seemingly promoting himself, Tenby seems to be offended by councillors with a different view and has lashed out at Andrew and Dawn who are also on social media. Go figure. It was shocking to read the full report and Mayor Powell’s attitude and language. We need a calm, dedicated and fair mayor, not blatant self promotion with what looks like a bullying attitude.

Hollis for PM!

Posted on 21-03-2020 09:11 | By

Thank you Andrew for restoring our faith in councillors! Keep up the good work. Tenby is simply a polished turd & I was so disappointed that our community didn’t see that at voting time. We love your column in the Weekend Sun & share your views. I wish you were our Mayor & hope that we’re privileged enough to have you as PM one day! Tenby.... you should resign!!!!

So a one term Mayor?

Posted on 21-03-2020 08:21 | By waiknot

Not one comment in support of the Mayor,!!! He says he will learn? Does a spot change its colours? I for one don’t support many of Andrews views, but I can never support a bully.

Reminder for next time

Posted on 21-03-2020 08:21 | By

No more military officers; they don’t adapt well to civilian life.

You stupid boy .

Posted on 21-03-2020 08:16 | By Told you

Totally agree with 1999 the people that voted for this man are regretting their decision, he fooled a lot of ratepayers,he is just an overgrown bully.


Posted on 21-03-2020 07:44 | By

The ratepayers pay dearly for this stoush and this just proves the theory that politicians are worse behaved than children. I suggest they get on with the jobs they are paid to do.

Rates Increase.

Posted on 21-03-2020 07:19 | By PK

Mr Powell, how about taking a page out of Phil Goffs book and hold back the rates increase until after the Covid19 pandemic is over. We are all going to struggle and every last cent will be needed by most people during this trying time.

I thought we were past this rubbish

Posted on 20-03-2020 22:11 | By

This echoes previous council primary school spats. Please tell us before election time this is how you will behave. Was good enough to be strapped to learn respect in my day

Well Done

Posted on 20-03-2020 21:53 | By

Mayor Tenby it’s about time that somebody stood up to Hollis. You may have gone about it in the wrong way but it’s about time someone did this. We don’t need a kiss as Mayor, we need a kick ass Mayor. It’s time to sort this Council out and get Tauranga back on track. He needs to grow some and quit trying to sink the boat. VERY unfortunately I voted for him - REAL BAD VOTE.

Who's the racist?

Posted on 20-03-2020 21:25 | By spencerb

This Mayor has shown himself to be supportive of the racist behaviour of the extremists and separatists in our community as shown in the ridiculous purchase of 11 Mission St for them using ratepayers’ money. His election to Mayor was a huge error which I am sure will be proved as his term continues. Go Andrew!

Shows the true character of the person

Posted on 20-03-2020 21:22 | By Tga Citizen

If Tenby wants to quote the great Churchill he should also be aware of another of his quotes. “Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.” Of course it takes courage to take a stand. You must be brave to stand up to something that you know is wrong. It takes even more courage to sit down and negotiate. No one knew that better than Mr. Churchill. He worked out more peace agreements than anyone else in history. I also presume, as we are heading to a recession, the outrageous rate increase proposed for next year will be re-examined.

Bad Behaviour

Posted on 20-03-2020 21:11 | By R1Squid

Mayor Tenby Powell SHOULD immediately resign. His behaviour should not be condoned. He definitely has his own agenda.


Posted on 20-03-2020 20:39 | By

I call upon the other Councillors to show some spine and integrity and not allow this to go unchallenged. Hollis one day, you the next. Stand up to this bullying and represent the voters, not just fall into line like good little soldiers. Grow a spine.

Bulletproof vest

Posted on 20-03-2020 20:25 | By

Did Colonels get issued with one? I suspect not as you were always intended to be miles behind enemy lines, sorry, in the case you - simply not needed as “war” is just a game and career. Well sunshine, times are changing and it’s about to go t*ts up, so be very careful with disrespecting elected member and voters.

Clear off Powell

Posted on 20-03-2020 20:11 | By

Stop using Tauranga as a springboard for your political ambitions. This is not the Army where you give orders without question. Andrew Hollis was voted in by us. Who do you think you are?

A fractured Council

Posted on 20-03-2020 19:12 | By BazzaJ

Tenby Powell was quite right to object to Councillor Hollis’s comments over the Treaty of Waitangi. Hollis needs to resign, we don’t need nasty racists like him. The sooner he goes we will all be better for it. Hollis, shame on you.

We must stand up to racism

Posted on 20-03-2020 19:09 | By

Good on Tenby for standing up to racism in Tauranga. Hollis should move to the US where people with his views run wild.


Posted on 20-03-2020 18:10 | By Accountable

Tuskany Agency get Tenby out of this hole? He has always acted like a rich little spoiled boy who who uses his money to get his way and God help you if you stand in his way. Then we see the bad tempered bully quoted in this article. Keep up the good work Andrew, Dawn and supporting Councillors. Democracy is still the only way to run Council.

Go Andrew

Posted on 20-03-2020 17:29 | By

We need more like you.

Well Well Well

Posted on 20-03-2020 17:12 | By Taffy

Your true colors come to the fore Mr Mayor!It has only taken 6 months.

golly gosh

Posted on 20-03-2020 16:56 | By old trucker

Stand up to this BULLY Andrew he should never say things to you HE, POWELL, PROMISED EVERYTHING TO GET IN,and now wants to give us a rates rise, he(powell) should STOP all this SPENDING in this climate, just because he is BOSS he should know better, this happens in every workplace, BULLIES , THEY DO NOT LIKE BEING stood upto and being told,there are 3 people who have taken BULLIES to court and won,and you should too. he is being told what to do by the old school boys there,and they stick togeather and lick and polish the BOSSES boots under the table to keep their jobs, im proud of you Andrew to stand up ,you DONT have to put up with it,its good to put this in Sunlive paper(THE BEST IN TAURANGA) TO SHOW WHAT HAPPENS IN TCC,ANYWAY Sunlive being No1 is AWESOME Thankyou, 10-4 out, phew.

No surprise

Posted on 20-03-2020 16:54 | By

Contrary to what Colonel Powell says about Andrew he has a lot of support and his views are shared by many in the community. The Colonel has been used to getting his way for years as orders in the Army are obeyed, but Council is not the Army so get used to it newbie Powell. Councillors are voted in by the public and do not have to obey you.

He says

Posted on 20-03-2020 16:14 | By nerak

“I will adapt and grow and I won’t do it again.” Yeah, right. Personally, I think we have only just begun to see this man’s true colours. Your’e not in the military now, Powel.

True colours coming through!

Posted on 20-03-2020 15:54 | By Maryfaith

Well - our Mayor’s language has shown us all that he is not the gentleman he would have us believe. Foul mouthed, foul tempered, a self opinionated bully! Hang in there Andrew - we voted for you and your similar views to the majority of us ratepayers.

Mayor Tenby a terrible disappointment

Posted on 20-03-2020 15:47 | By

It seems that Mayor Powell can’t stand those who fight against his and Baldock’s ridiculous rate rise proposal. For someone whose on Facebook a lot Tenby sure seems to have a thin skin for criticism. Reading the agenda on the council website I’m ashamed of a so called leader who uses such bad language in front of councillors and staff. To me this smacks of bullying and I hope other councillors stand up to him alongside Andrew Hollis and Dawn Kiddie.


Posted on 20-03-2020 15:44 | By Raewyn

Everyone is intitled to their own opinion and a person in the Mayor’s position should respect that or not take on such a job.


Posted on 20-03-2020 15:18 | By l999

Wonder just how many people who voted for this mayor now wish they hadn’t - terrible disappointment