TCC mayor subject of code conduct complaint

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Tauranga’s mayor, Tenby Powell is under investigation for a code of conduct complaint placed by councillor Andrew Hollis.

Allegations have been raised by Andrew that that the mayor has made remarks that constitute a breach of the Tauranga City Council Code of Conduct, according to the agenda released for the Ordinary Council Meeting scheduled for Tuesday, March 24.

The complaint and allegations are based on comments made by Tenby during a briefing meeting of the TCC elected members and council staff held on March 5 states an investigation report by Three60 consult in the agenda.

“Councillors Dawn and Andrew need to stop posting the s**t they have over the past couple of weeks.

“… I will never drink with a f***ing climate denying racist,” are comments alleged to have been made by Tenby the report says.

Councillor Dawn Kiddie and Andrew, along with Tenby, have been interviewed for the report.

The reports states that Tenby confirmed the comments were made by him and are the subject of the complaint.

Tauranga City Council chief executive Marty Grenfell says an independent investigation has been completed and will be reported to a council meeting on March 24.

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Nanna Republic

Posted on 21-03-2020 14:09 | By BVG

At least the man has the gumption to say it how he sees it. Diplomatic mistake or not -Id rather work for a guy who at least has the passion, skills and to tries to achieve some good, rather than bow to the PC nonsense that is over-running our country these days.

I give him credit...

Posted on 21-03-2020 12:54 | By morepork

… for not denying what happened. But he must know this is unacceptable. It will take some serious bridge-building to recover from this, and recognize that Civic Administration is not like the military. He is entitled to his opinions, just like any other Councillor, but there is a time and place and a code of behaviour expected from the Mayor. It isn’t enough to be an "Officer" you need to be a "Gentleman" as well...

Powell is the racist!

Posted on 21-03-2020 10:35 | By crazyhorse

Tenby Powell is the one bringing racial bias into Tauranga council not Andrew Hollis, this is starting to happen around the country .ayors and councilor’s pushing a racist agenda against the wishes of the ratepayers!

If (and only if)

Posted on 20-03-2020 21:51 | By groutby

..the comments are upheld, then there are serious questions to be answered, and Mr Powell clearly hasn’t got the skills we thought he would have and needs to be removed....but this needs to be proven.


Posted on 20-03-2020 20:36 | By

Might work in the Army but not democracy. You only need to look at his sidekick to know that this bloke should be gone burger. More democracy less bullying.

Sack the mayor

Posted on 20-03-2020 16:58 | By

Off with you newbie Tenby. Back to Auckland. We don’t want you

True Colors

Posted on 20-03-2020 14:01 | By sobeit

If the voters knew that this was how he would work with his Council he wouldn’t be the Mayor. Imagine if he had talked to people like this and promoted a 12.6 % rates increase along with Larry telling people to sell their houses to pay their rates. BTW in the report he admitted the case against him and the report’s author found the complaint justified.

wrong person

Posted on 20-03-2020 14:01 | By

wrong person for the Job ex army officer, i have experience, was a manager for a rehab unit for disadvantage people, in there wisdom they employed a retired ex army high ranking officer as second in command, we had board meetings once a week, he was do as i say or else, at one meeting he told a female manager, quote, now look here pull your fucking finger out and do as i say, the co was a ex wing commander just as bad, pulled another manager in for sexual harassment through here say, this person was interergated by both militry style and asked to resign, the trouble being the accused was engaged to the lady and she never laid the complaint. these people are not people people.