Wharf Street upgrade about to begin

Artist impression of Wharf Street, view from the middle of the street towards Willow Street

The upgrade of Wharf Street is one step closer with Tauranga City Council confirming Higgins Contractors Limited as the construction partner to undertake the works.

The upgrade will create a safe and attractive pedestrian environment to reflect the redevelopment of Tauranga’s city centre as a place for people.

This will provide residents and visitors with an outdoor dining setting for the section of Wharf Street between Willow Street and The Strand with limited vehicle access only.

Tauranga Mayor Tenby Powell acknowledges the importance of the upgrade.

“We have a strong vision to create better spaces that put people first, and create a unique identity which celebrates our culture and natural environment.

“This project is another step towards increasing business and economic vibrancy by attracting more people to our city centre.

“We will be working closely with Higgins, our construction partner, and the Wharf Street businesses to make this project happen and keep people informed as we work our way through the development.

“This project can only happen with the full support of all businesses on the street, who will go through a period of disruption during the construction phase. They are on board and we will do everything we can to make sure this transformation is completed as quickly and as smoothly as possible.”

The Dry Dock Café owner Sandra Johnson is excited for the upgrade to transform the Wharf Street experience.

“Council has worked closely with us, the Wharf Street business owners through the design process and also to mitigate the impact these works will cause.

“For us it is key that Wharf Street businesses remain open for business during construction and we’ll be doing what we can to attract customers throughout that time.”

Higgins Construction Manager Andy Hollins is looking forward to the project come to fruition.

"We are delighted to be involved in such an exciting project and to have the opportunity to make a real difference in improving Wharf Street and the city centre for the businesses and their customers."

Works are planned to commence on Monday, March 23.

Staged construction will allow for the lowest impact possible on businesses and their customers, and include upgrade and renewal of underground services such as sewer, water and stormwater. Works are expected to be completed by summer 2020.

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SORRY, but did I miss something!!

Posted on 18-03-2020 21:21 | By The Caveman

The Gov’mt are about to shut down ALL public bars, cafes and restaurants for at least 3 if not SIX months!!! And all of those establishments in Wharf Street will be GONE, long before the millions are spent - and the contractors will NOT be working either - due to the "public shut down" !! There will be FAR MORE urgent matters requiring COUNCIL money in the next six / nine months that a street "tart-up" that is NOT be needed or used for at least 12 months !!!

Would have to be an improvement

Posted on 17-03-2020 18:00 | By The Sage

It would have to be an improvement what is there now however you would wonder about the timeliness of it. People won’t be eating in shared places for too much longer.


Posted on 17-03-2020 17:21 | By Maryfaith

After all the stuff ups this council has made - here is yet another example in the making! If they had done the last upgrade to a decent standard then they wouldn’t be doing it again! It annoys me to think my rates have contributed to all these ridiculous ’nice to haves’ - Durham Street - Elizabeth Street - now Wharf Street - for non existent pedestrians!! What I really think is unprintable!!!


Posted on 17-03-2020 15:03 | By

it will be nice to be able to sit outside and enjoy Dry Dock’s excellent coffee with vehicles belching fumes in your face.

Good luck

Posted on 17-03-2020 13:38 | By Kancho

Well nice as it maybe I hope the businesses survive the disruption. Not knocking that the city needs a makeover but life is often about timing . Anecdotally seems people are avoiding the city with construction disruption, parking and shop closures. Recessionary times are going to happen too now with covid 19 so good luck. Maybe the timing is not good with a falloff of business looming , it maybe the straw that breaks the camels back. Sorry its more unlikely to go to town anytime soon. See the Elizabeth Street proposal letters generally are saying stay core business with essential work not the nice to have. But are council listening ?

back to the future

Posted on 17-03-2020 13:34 | By rogue

From way back in the memory banks, this is what they said the Red Square was for. Instead of ruining the city further, just make the restaurants move into the Red Square... imagine all that space full of trendy cafes, bars & restaurants. I hope they don’t decide to add some pointless water feature like the Phoenix carpark at the Mounts redevelopment that went so well.


Posted on 17-03-2020 13:23 | By overit

Another waste of money. Red Square is the best location.


Posted on 17-03-2020 12:28 | By

watching this one. What rate collecting evil lurks beneath that road? What about some covered sections allowing people to stay dry as they cross from side to side, coverings to sit under, perhaps some greenery as shelter walls. Surely you want this used all year round? Just saying.