Is the steel colossus awakening?

More details of the structural problems with the Harington St carpark have been revealed.

It’s now been revealed that foundation strengthening will also be required to fix the stalled Harington Street carpark building.

About a year after construction of the $27 million, seven-storey carpark began, The Tauranga City Council was informed of potential issues relating to the structure’s seismic joints which absorb the natural movement of the building during seismic events.

Work was suspended in September for an engineering review.

Now an engineering design review is complete and it has confirmed that as well as the structural issues, foundation strengthening is also required.

The council’s general manager of Infrastructure, Nic Johansson, says the foundation strengthening design work had been completed, peer-reviewed by an independent engineer and was now going through the building consent process. Superstructure detailed design has also been completed and again is being peer-reviewed by an independent engineer.

Meanwhile neighbours of the carpark site have been alerted to possible audio tests that would be associated with any remedial seismic strengthening work on the building.

That’s if a decision is made to proceed with the work.

It’s understood the sound tests would determine whether noise shielding is required to protect neighbours, if and when they do the remedial work.

According to the Tauranga City Council, a decision on that is “still some time away”.

At the time work was suspended, former Mayor Greg Brownless gave an unequivocal assurance the problems “would not fall back on ratepayers”.

“I will not have this pinned on us,” he said.

In a statement to The Weekend Sun this week, The Tauranga City Council said, with regard to apportioning blame and who will pay, the council has taken legal advice and will consider any action to recover costs if and when it is considered necessary and appropriate.

It's too early to be able to estimate a cost for remedying the building’s design deficiencies. That figure will be dependent on a decision to proceed with remedial work, and the outcomes of any negotiated cost recoveries.

When completed the transport hub will cater for 800 people across a range of transport modes. There will be 250 bike parks and associated facilities such as showers and lockers for cycling commuters. There will be 550 carparks, 53 motorbike parks and electric charging stations for cars and e-bikes.

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golly gosh

Posted on 15-03-2020 05:29 | By old trucker

I know someone that wanted to build a small retaining wall got a consent started it and TCC said it was wrong,this has caused couple great stress and a problem in their partnership,it was being done by the plan, NOW look at this shamozzle,TCC MUST HAVE SIGNED THIS OFF, HOW COME ITS BEEN ALLOWED TO come to this stage when it is out of the ground and this high,pull it down,NOBODY will use it, this is like BAYFAIR now,they have found pumice at this late stage,they were taking,(DRILLING) samples all around there long before it got started, HOW COME this was not picked up then, all those NOHOPPERS need to be sacked that did this, i only counted 10 people working there last week 3 were playing on their phones,which is important only kids,gosh they rebuilt Kaikura coast rd in record time gosh Sunlive,Thankyou 10-4 out,phew.


Posted on 14-03-2020 22:47 | By The Caveman


Name and shame

Posted on 14-03-2020 21:19 | By

Would love to hear who was all involved. Being in the construction myself engineering company’s don’t be held to account at all. Time and time again they stuff up pushing it to the contractor to fix or charging for the reworks they do on there own mistake. As for needing extra Carparks they certainly do need them I just can’t understand why the University was put in such a stupid place!!!

Baywave too?

Posted on 14-03-2020 16:21 | By jed

Baywave has been an engineering disaster too. The past CEO was on 300k plus per year, they should return the cash for gross incompetence. They get paid highly because they are supposed to be competent!

Cancel it.

Posted on 14-03-2020 14:03 | By morepork

Sue the designers and those responsible for the flawed design, using their legally required indemnity insurance, for the costs of removing it. Accept that the CBD does not NEED another car park and won’t for at least 15 years. Then use the money saved for things that REALLY matter. (Like lowering the Rates increase from 12.6%...)

Let whoever made it pay

Posted on 14-03-2020 10:27 | By

This didn’t just happen. Somebody had to design it to be built this way. If it truly is defective that person or company should pay. Take them to Court. Mind you, this Council doesn’t have the fortitude for justice because of they way they caved in to the beggars littering our streets.

A damp squib

Posted on 14-03-2020 10:13 | By bigted

The CBD is dying/dead. Who will use the car park building to visit the ghost town?

Excuse me

Posted on 14-03-2020 10:07 | By Gigilo

You are supposed to use professionals to do the work in the first instance, hope you checked their indemnity insurance. Can’t wait to see the outcome. Naturally the Council will release all the details, after all the money provided by the ratepayers.

Council should sue structural designer company

Posted on 14-03-2020 08:08 | By

It seems that like anyone who wants a building Council’s hired experts to design the structure. If I hire an expert to design my house structure and they fail then I expect them to pay for the fix. Councillors need to be strong here and make sure the company that designed the engineering pays, not ratepayers. Meantime could we have the name because if I was to build something I’d want to avoid them.