Have your say on Elizabeth Street upgrade options

Option A: Elizabeth Street, view from Grey Street towards Devonport Road. Images: Tauranga City Council.

If you live, work, shop, walk, cycle or drive around Elizabeth Street and the new Farmers development, Tauranga City Council want to hear your thoughts on proposed upgrades to the area.

Council has developed proposed options to upgrade a section of Elizabeth Street, as well as improvements to First Ave, Devonport Road and Elizabeth Lane.

The Farmers redevelopment is a once-in-a-generation development for Tauranga’s city centre, which will bring a significant anchor store back to the area, as well as hundreds of new residents.

Council is investing in the streetscape, in partnership with Farmers, and the proposed upgrade will be completed in time for the opening of the Farmers store, scheduled for April 2021.

The area in front of the development on Elizabeth Street and the adjacent Elizabeth Lane are the main focuses for the upgrade and Council is seeking feedback on the concept designs for those areas.

The proposed upgrade aims to create an attractive, people-focused environment which will complement the Farmers development and also contribute to the revitalisation of Tauranga’s city centre.

This would entail a pedestrian-focused, slow-speed environment where people can feel safe, connect and relax.

Consultation on proposed options starts today and will run until 5pm on Wednesday, March 25.

General Manager Community Services Gareth Wallis acknowledges the opportunity the upgrade presents.

“This project is an example of how we can harness opportunities to create vibrant streets and public places where people want to live, work and play, and businesses want to invest.

“The Farmers redevelopment provides us with an opportunity to upgrade the surrounding area now, in a way that minimises disruption and ensures the quality of the streets and public spaces are complementary to the new development.

“We will be working closely with the Elizabeth Street, Devonport Road and First Ave businesses and are looking forward to input from the community to guide our decision-making.

“The proposed work is also an opportunity to recognise and celebrate our history. We will be working closely with mana whenua, Ngāi Tamarāwaho and Ngāti Tapu, through the design process.”

Following consultation, the community feedback provided will inform Council’s decision on a concept design proposal, and whether to progress to detailed design and construction.

Option B: Elizabeth Street, view from Grey Street towards Devonport Road.

Tell us what you think

Find out more about Council’s proposal at
Visit us at our pop up at 50 Devonport Road (next to Pluto) and chat to Council staff on Friday, 20 March 2020 from 10am to 2pm.

Ways to share your feedback

  •   •  Submit online under the Have your say section

  •   •  Fill out a hard copy form available at the Council Customer Service Centre

Submissions close at 5pm on Wednesday, March 25.

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Posted on 17-03-2020 12:50 | By morepork

I am neither marginalized nor angry. Sunlive provide an excellent (award winning...) on-line service and, even though our comments seldom make any difference, you never know when a post may strike a chord with some administrator. If comments are negative, it is because people are frustrated with the same old same old from Council and are exercising their democratic right to say so. Objecting to abuse or aggravation from the homeless is not "an attack" on homeless people in general. It is a statement of fact about the actions of some homeless people. (No-one denies that homelessness is a problem; but the answer is not to allow them to block shop doorways and threaten people going about their normal business.) TCC’s action on this was farcical and would be funny if it weren’t so sad.


Posted on 13-03-2020 17:00 | By

Tauranga is in a mess because silly people vote for even bigger clowns. It’s a mess because of TCC not “complaints”. Complaints does not equate to a reluctance to spend. Complaints are about wasting money on futile projects and incompetence.

The negative

Posted on 12-03-2020 19:20 | By

Hmm sunlive, Where the marginalised and angry hang out to throw abuse at Farmers, the council and those that are in need. By all means, make yourself feel better but attacking the homeless and being negative about company’s like Farmers that want to invest. How terrible if you lose a carpark. Maybe take a bus, bike or cab like the rest of the world.


Posted on 12-03-2020 16:38 | By

No wonder Tauranga is in a mess when all you ever see in most media are very negative complaints. Nobody wants to pay for anything to improve or uplift the city, then they blame TCC.


Posted on 12-03-2020 16:04 | By

TCC and Larry the transformation guy are pinning all their hopes and dreams, and a skip full of our money, on.....Farmers. Oh dear. This is what you get from a fella stuck in the 1980s. Glug Glug slurp, that’s the sound of more money going down the pan.

Yadick ...

Posted on 12-03-2020 15:35 | By Maryfaith

Well said! Yet another ’nice to have’ being foisted on the ratepayer! This is not needed - the lost parking spaces will further deter anyone thinking of visiting the city! I am surprised they haven’t included benches for the homeless to sit and sleep! I see they have real trees - a step up from the hideous cardboard cut out "Christmas Trees’! I wait with bated breath to see what the mana whenua contribution will be ... and what name will be given to this new ’nice to have’.

What's the point

Posted on 12-03-2020 15:12 | By Taffy

They take no notice of our comments and carry on with what they want and of course it’s another nice to have and what is the chance it will be finished within budget!

Sounds Nice, but . . .

Posted on 12-03-2020 13:38 | By

Streetscape investment, upgrades, revitalization, pedestrian focused, vibrant places where people want to live, work and play, where businesses want to invest . . . Amongst the filth, threats and harassment of the beggars . . . Nice words, nice thoughts but then there’s the real Tauranga that TCC have created.