Structural and foundation issues in transport hub

Construction for the hub on Harington Street began in June 2018. Photo: Daniel Hines/SunLive.

Work to identify long-term options for Tauranga City Council’s Harington Street Transport Hub is progressing, but a final decision on a recommencement of construction work is still some time away.

Construction of the transport hub began in June 2018.

In May 2019, the council was informed of a potential issue relating to the structure’s seismic joints, which absorb the natural movement of a building during seismic events.

Work on the site was suspended in September last year, while an engineering design review was undertaken.

As a result of that review, it was confirmed that not only were there structural issues, but foundation strengthening would also be required.

General Manager of Infrastructure, Nic Johansson, says the foundation strengthening detailed design had been completed, peer-reviewed by an independent chartered professional engineer and was now going through the building consent process.

"Superstructure detailed design has also been completed and again is being peer-reviewed by an independent engineer."

He says a project advisory board made up of council members, staff and external engineering experts is overseeing the review process and providing guidance on design solutions, which will achieve the best possible outcomes for the community.

It's anticipated that a report on the review process and recommencement options would be prepared for Council consideration by mid-year.

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This was / is

Posted on 13-03-2020 01:07 | By The Caveman

The lead up to the Elizabeth Street STUFF UP that you have not seen YET !!

Once again..........

Posted on 09-03-2020 19:29 | By groutby

.......not a mention of who screwed up and what the perceived consequences will be, just relying on the ratepayer to ’stump up’ the already seriously blown out budget ( as I understand nearly doubled?) for something engineered badly. So a ’chartered professional engineer’ is now employed to provide ’guidance’ and ’review’....who designed and engineered it in the first place?....who will say?, another TCC screw up and who pays? wonder we are expecting a near double digit rates increase, and all for incompetence..


Posted on 09-03-2020 17:40 | By peecee09

What a load of ridiculous gobbledegook.Someone needs to face up and say we stuffed up, we have insurance to cover our incompetence, and it won’t cost the ratepayers anything . Yeah right.

Tom Ranger

Posted on 09-03-2020 16:06 | By

No worries... A 12.6% increase in rates should pay for the project to restart. More increases next year will pay for the "middle"...more increases the next year may bring almost to the end...more increases the next year and they may even finish it. Who knows?


Posted on 09-03-2020 15:48 | By The Sage

Is it the same outfit that constructed Bella Vista Homes? It is certainly starting to look like that. Seriously, how can these disasters continue to happen and who is responsible? Oh yeah, the Rate Payers foot the bill once again because no-one will take responsibility. You can only keep blaming predecessors for a short period of time.


Posted on 09-03-2020 15:23 | By philiphallen

Now they want a further 12%+ rate rise to approve crap designs like this! No rate rise until the idiots that were allowed to make decisions regarding this building are fired.

Tough leadership needed to stop ratepayers paying

Posted on 09-03-2020 15:14 | By

When the work stopped last year I recall the previous mayor stating that ratepayers should not pay for design fails caused by outside consultants. It wasn’t Council staff that did the design, but professional engineering firms. With Tenby claiming to be much more business savvy I hope he keeps the pressure on these designers to honour any mistakes. This is one of the rare things that aren’t the fault of Council. But Council is responsible for holding them to account.

What a Joke

Posted on 09-03-2020 14:28 | By

Clearly there is no accountability or urgency at the Project Development Team at Council. If an Engineer designed it and it was peer reviewed there are two Consultancy firms that should be held to account. Now they are looking at it and may report by the middle of the year????? Where is the urgency the job started in June 2018. If the Mayor wants to spend our money then he needs to make those responsible accountable. A private developer would not get away with this or did Council take short cuts with their own project. Someone needs to answer some serious questions. Tenby???

Feel Free to Use Our Rates to Remedy

Posted on 09-03-2020 13:18 | By

With poor, crappy and appalling design work being consented to it’s no wonder we find ourselves in the abhorrent fiscal situation that we are. Shortcuts and more than likely backhanded seems to be the business etiquette of our past Council. Now Mayor Tenby Powell takes the pounding for the actions of others past. At least he’s trying to be transparent even though we don’t like what we’re hearing. Say it and he gets crucified, don’t say it and get crucified. He’s in a no win situation but as the head honcho he haves to take it and sort. It’s what we voted him in for. I know I’ve dished it to him too but after a lot of thought I still have a hint faith he’ll get us through this.


Posted on 09-03-2020 13:18 | By Politically Incorrect

And the costs of this are being covered by whomever came up with the faulty design in the first place I assume? Yeah, thought not. Rate payers lose again.

Prior investigations?

Posted on 09-03-2020 13:10 | By Centurion

Would it be reasonable to expect that site investigations prior to work commencing would identify any foundation issues? And similarly, to expect that the necessary seismic elements would be identified in the design stage?