Elizabeth St closed for building development

Artist's impression of the new building. Photo: Ignite Architects.

Elizabeth Street in Tauranga will be closed from Thursday, February 27 to March 13.

The road will be closed between Devonport Road and Grey Street, to allow for completion of the developments service connections at the Farmers building site.

 “The city’s services are very deep and in the centre of Elizabeth Street, therefore, to complete this task safely there will be a road closure in place for approximately two weeks,” says an Elizabeth Properties Ltd spokesperson.

Part way through the works the westbound lane of Elizabeth Street will open. The west bound lane towards Cameron Road will remain closed and clearly signposted detours will be in place. 

 “We apologise in advance for any inconvenience. Our contractors have committed to work after hours in order to have the job completed as fast as we practically and safely can.”

Bus routes along Grey Street are subject to change during this time. People are advised to check with Bay Bus for further details.

“A fantastic Bay of Plenty summer has allowed us to continue working on the Tauranga Farmers Development on schedule.”

“Structural steel continues to go up along Devonport Road towards First Avenue and the upper level dining terrace on Elizabeth St has begun to take shape as the floor slabs are in progress.”

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Oh dear.

Posted on 26-02-2020 12:40 | By

More moaning by those who are incapable of getting out of their cars.

Hi Old Trucker

Posted on 25-02-2020 22:42 | By The Caveman

YOU are right on the mark - the Council has NO clue whats under their streets - 3 weeks closed - sorry make that 3 MONTHS !!!

Film Title

Posted on 25-02-2020 11:17 | By Told you

What lies beneath , sounds like a horror story,no one knows what is beneath Elizabeth St,just like Durham it will go on forever.

here we go again

Posted on 24-02-2020 18:37 | By old trucker

Hi, You can see where this is going eh,pipes not known that they were there all other stuff TCCC DID NOT KNOW ABOUT,it will be a shmozzle, watch this space,big holes like that other street that was closed for months,this will be the same,look at Ngatea,road was only going to be closed for 3 weeks now things have been found wrong its all turned to custard,shops going broke staff laid off,and like TCC NZTA DONT CARE,THIS IS going to happen in Elizabeth st,LETS SEE,I might be wrong but me dont tink so,(WATCH) this.Anything that TCC close down will treble in COST,All the dogooders will be there with their clipboards and shiny coats looking at it,someone will find a bone and it will close again,its all been before,anyway Sunlive Thankyou,my tuppence worth,10-4 out. phew.