Public meeting called amid rise in gang violence

Two people are dead following a shooting in Omanawa on Tuesday. Photos: Daniel Hines/SunLIve.

Bay of Plenty MP Todd Muller is lashing out at the Government over what he calls a “weak” response rise of gang related violence.

Todd’s comments come after two shootings, a suspected arson and a double homicide in the Tauranga and Western Bay of Plenty regions in recent weeks.

Police are investigating the death of two men who were killed in a shooting incident in Omanawa on Tuesday night.

Police were called to an Ormsby Lane address about 7.40pm following a report of shots having been fired.

Two men were found dead upon arrival, says district manager criminal investigations Mark Loper.

“Police are working to understand the full circumstances of what has occurred.”

A homicide inquiry has been launched.

Police are asking for anyone who may have witnessed any suspicious behaviour in the area around the time of the incident, or anyone with knowledge of those involved, to get in touch.

People can call Bay of Plenty Police on 105, or give information anonymously through Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Meanwhile, the National Party says more needs to be done to stop the “appalling rise of gang related violence and murder in our city”.

“Police Minister Stuart Nash is quoted as saying ‘the public can have complete confidence that the police have got their backs’,” says Todd.

“We know our local police are superb, but who has their backs. They can’t give voice to what they really want to say, which is give us the tools, more resources and the backing to go hard after them.

“The Government mocked our proposal for NSW type capacity to target the gangs hard, and have opposed our legislation to strengthen police powers to search and take weapons off gangs.

“This Government is weak on crime and our community has had enough. I am pleased to see our police are armed. It’s a necessary short term response and needs to stay that way until the gang issue is under control.

“This is a massive issue in our community. I was doorknocking last week in Papamoa and it was by far the stand out issue.”
Todd has called a public meeting on March 25 to discuss Papamoa crime and policing for at Golden Sands School.

He says local police will be in attendance.


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Posted on 13-02-2020 14:15 | By Told you

I am very disappointed in this man and the Mayor for running down our Police, to accuse them of going soft on crime, is an insult to them.

Hands Tied

Posted on 13-02-2020 13:34 | By

The Police have their hands tied and the gangs (terrorists) know it. The Police don’t need a dedicated squad like NSW, it needs to be way more intense. If it was these mongols would never have got a foot through the door. These gangs need to be slammed with the terrorist laws and dealt to severely. How dare they hold our country to ransom like this. It’s time for Labour to get their head out of the sand and quit building pretty sandcastles and pass into law something that the Police can really mobilise and get their teeth into to slam these gangs once and for all. Then the Courts need to back the Police and work with them instead of with the bus companies. Wet bus tickets fall apart.

Gangs Rule ?

Posted on 13-02-2020 12:43 | By Feruno

Good on Todd for calling out this ’government’ on gang violence and intimidation of all New Zealanders. They walk around with patches and intimidate even the police with their aggressive behaviour. NZ used to be safe, but now it is getting out of hand. The police need to get the guns off the gangs, not law abiding citizens

Gang Violence

Posted on 13-02-2020 11:52 | By

Mr Muller You & your team crowed about being tough on gangs about 11 years ago and did what....nothing...and now want to do little but stir....tell us what your plan is....

weak government...really?

Posted on 13-02-2020 09:56 | By rogue

Hey corncob, get off your soapbox. All this gang violence stems from Nationals WEAK response to straya sending their crims over here with any link to NZ. I said it at the time in one of these articles, that we would pay for backdown from National over the oz policy. I say getting a flying squad in & round up every single gang member in the country, put them on deserted island with TV cameras hidden everywhere & make some Reality TV worth watching out of the "survivor" tactics.

Gang warfare

Posted on 13-02-2020 09:52 | By

This is not the time to play politics and the blame game. Get around the table, central and local government, and speak with one strong voice.


Posted on 13-02-2020 08:31 | By dumbkof2

i thought jacindas gun law was supposed to stop all these gun incidents. seems to me there have been a lot more since the new law. how many guns did the gangs and baddies hand in. sorry i forgot, that law was only for the good guys

Public Meeting

Posted on 13-02-2020 08:09 | By

Holding a public meeting will really solve the perceived problem, yea, right. The violence is limited to a few small areas and the majority of residents couldn’t care less as t does not affect their little village.

Political Clap Trap

Posted on 13-02-2020 08:08 | By Told you

This apology for a man is stirring unnecessary unrest and needs to pull his head in.The Police are doing a excellent job and don’t need people running them down.


Posted on 13-02-2020 08:01 | By Merlin

Grandstanding again from National did not fix the gang problems in their 3 terms.Now in election year of course.