Government to fund Aids research

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. File image/SunLive

The Government is committing $300,000 to fund research to update behavioural information to make sure HIV and sexually transmitted infections prevention services are targeted appropriately in New Zealand.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Finance Minister Grant Robertson made the announcement at today’s Big Gay Out in Auckland.

“There is much talk about inclusion of the rainbow community but part of that is ensuring there is no disadvantage in terms of healthcare. This will help make that a reality,” Jacinda Ardern says.

The Ministry of Health-funded research will study rates of HIV and STI testing, sexual behaviour, condom use, Pre-exposure prophylaxis and inequities in these behaviours.

This will help the ministry guide the purchase, targeting, delivery and evaluation of HIV and STI prevention services in New Zealand.

Jacinda also gave further details on the establishment of the Rainbow Wellbeing Legacy Fund that was announced last year.

The fund will be managed by the Rule Foundation, as recommended by rainbow organisations, which will receive the $1 million endowment from the Crown flagged in 2019, she says.

The inaugural application round will open in June 2020 and will provide up to $100,000 to rainbow organisations working to improve mental health, particularly for young people.

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Posted on 13-02-2020 19:38 | By Merlin

Really sad to see the comments so far to this article.Saying nothing has been done.Perhaps they should look to what is actually being done rather than say zero or just driving around and getting personal.

Get her gone

Posted on 11-02-2020 11:37 | By

I agree she needs to go she to youg to be in power. All she dose is spends the most money going overseas looking after other country instead of been here

Labour’s busy buying votes

Posted on 10-02-2020 19:54 | By

All she’s been doing lately is driving around with her kid looking and buying votes. They have achieved zero since in power. 3 party’s will never agree on anything therefore achieve nothing!!!