Water ban for Te Puke area

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Dry weather has resulted in a water ban being put in place across the greater Te Puke area. 

It includes a complete ban on hand-held hosing and sprinklers. It also applies to all properties that irrigate crops. 

“Given the current weather predictions of no or little rain, and unless conservation efforts improve considerably, we have no choice but put restrictions on the eastern zone," says Western Bay District Council utilities manager Kelvin Hill. 

The ban will be in place for several weeks, with Kelvin describing water levels in reservoirs as "absolutely critical". 

"People simply do not appear to be heeding our pleas to conserve,” says Kelvin.

“What people need to understand is that, while there is water in the ground, we have to be able to treat and pump that water into our reservoirs overnight to supply customers during the day. 

"At the moment, due to the extremely high demand, we are not managing to get enough water in our reservoirs overnight to sustain the capacity to maintain our reservoir levels.”

Council have identified specific areas where residents aren't conserving water as they should be. 

Other zones from Te Puna to Waihi Beach continue to be on high alert to conserve water, but restrictions are not yet in place. 

Kelvin urges residents to do their bit to conserve water. 

“We appreciate that many of our residents are already doing their bit to conserve water,” says Kelvin. “Let’s continue to do so – but with even more focus on how we use every drop.”

Thw water use ban is effective immediately. 

For more information on how to conserve water visit this page

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Forward Thinking

Posted on 05-02-2020 16:48 | By beefhooked

As you are all aware, our population is growing at a great rate of knots. If the council and government don’t get pro-active and do some urgent forward thinking for the future and look into these water shortages then these shortages will, in my view will become dire. Can someone please tell me why we let all that rain water we had the end of last year just flow out to sea and not catch it in dams? e.g. the Kaituna River would of been flooding during all that rain we had. I remind you too, that our rates here are the highest in NZ. Surely you can supply us with water, after all isn’t it your job to do so?