Partial closure of Cameron Road this Wednesday

The closures will be in place from 4pm to midnight.

Road closures will be in place on Wednesday, as 8000 concert-goers are expected to attend Cold Chisel at Wharepai Domain that evening.

To support the safety of concert attendees going to and from the concert, event organisers will be closing part of Cameron Road (from Hamilton Street to Monmouth Street) and Hamilton Street West from Cameron Road, from 4pm to midnight.

As part of this closure, there will be no vehicle access to Cameron Road from Chapel Street or Brown Street, during the same period, says a statement from Tauranga City Council.

"It's recommended that people who are working in town or travelling through the city centre on Wednesday plan an alternate journey. Detours will be in place.

"A link to a map of the road closures is provided below, which also shows available car parking for those driving to the event.'

Link to map

Resident and business access will be maintained throughout the closures.

The following parking restrictions will also be in place on Wednesday from 6am to midnight:

  •   •  Cameron Road (from Hamilton Street to Monmouth Street) on the Wharepai Domain side of the road

  •   •  Hamilton Road West on the Wharepai Domain side of the road

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How sad.......

Posted on 04-02-2020 22:17 | By groutby

...these comments are,Yadick, the concert starts at 5pm, why would you close the road at 6 ?..The want to stop ALL events in our city? backward is that ?..Baypark may well have not been the venue of choice due to ’major roadworks’ over there perhaps?..if you got out more you would have noticed them...Mein Fuhrer, so sad for your thoughts, a ’washed up band’?...would you stand in front of the 8,000 fans who have paid around $130 plus for a ticket and say so?..rather personal and your own thoughts...not my ideal choice either but appreciated by many while it is still alive...Chookymac wants to build another stadium for out of towners, what do we actually want?.. the other don’t want anything here at all.!..very confusing....concert goers..please enjoy and I hope you love your time here, apart from comments from those wishing Tauranga was forever non progressive....that’s sad.

Common Sense

Posted on 04-02-2020 18:32 | By Told you

What is wrong with the Stadium? I would have thought it was logical to have this show there. Why inconvenience the general public by closing Cameron Rd.

Get Rid

Posted on 04-02-2020 08:48 | By Chookymac

Get rid of the Race Course to another site.Build a covered in Stadium.Heaps of room for parking and access from other Towns and Cities .After all Dunedin has one and we are the 5th largest City are we not? And growing

Really TCC?

Posted on 03-02-2020 22:59 | By Mein Fuhrer

Closing off part of a busy main road during peak traffic time the day before a public holiday just to host some mediocre old washed up band.


Posted on 03-02-2020 14:15 | By dumbkof2

if they had it where it should be, baypark, ,there would be no need for closures at all

Too much to handle!

Posted on 03-02-2020 14:02 | By

It’s about time events such as this and AIMS games are stopped. Our region is simply too busy now to handle ’out of town’ traffic. Sort the infrastructure i.e. the roads, and then bring additional people in. I agree with Yadick - peak time is not the time to be closing a major road off.


Posted on 03-02-2020 13:09 | By

Peak traffic time and as people plan for a public holiday and quite possibly a long weekend and you close a main road. Surely the closure could wait till 6pm.