Traffic lights to be switched on near Bayfair

The below video shows the construction of city bound lanes last year. Video/Image: NZTA Youtube.

Traffic lights will soon be in operation on State Highway 2/Maunganui Road, north of the Bayfair roundabout.

The temporary signalised crossing, being carried out in two stages, includes installing traffic lights to enable pedestrians and cyclists to cross between Bayfair Shopping Centre and Matapihi Road while construction continues in the centre of the road.

NZ Transport Agency portfolio manager Darryl Coalter says this is a considerable change for all road users and urges everyone to take extra care while adjusting to the new layout.

“The new temporary layout includes a raised safety platform to slow motorists down and two sets of traffic lights on either side of the state highway.”

As part of the first stage, traffic lights on the new city-bound lanes, will be operating from 12 February. Pedestrians and cyclists will use a combination of the traffic lights and the existing underpass to cross SH2 Maunganui Road.

Stage two will involve closing the existing pedestrian underpass.

Another set of traffic lights will then be in operation on the east-bound lanes adjacent to Bayfair Shopping Centre.

“We realise closing the underpass at this point in the project is likely to cause controversy. The project team have considered all options that provide temporary access across the state highway while we build the new roundabout and construct the bridge support structure for the new flyover. This was determined to be the most feasible option.

“We are continuing investigations to determine whether we can permanently provide a new underpass as part of the final project. We hope to be able to finalise our investigations and reach this decision by March.”

Escorts will be in place to assist people at the crossing points 24/7, in the initial period.

“The escorts are an additional safety measure to assist users while they become familiar with the changes.

“Safety is paramount and the new temporary crossing will be regularly monitored by the project team, and a CCTV camera system. The temporary speed limit of 30km/h will remain in place through the area for the safety of pedestrians, road users and our construction workers.”

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Hahaha 30kmh

Posted on 03-02-2020 13:04 | By

Really? 30kmh? When you sit on 30kmh you get abused, tooted at, and some interactional waving gestures. No wonder there’s always accidents here. About time to start policing the scene. They’d make a fortune off it. Most people don’t seem to care about the roadworkers and other roadusers lives. Fix my roads but if I kill you while you’re doing it . . . Well whoops seems to be the gun-ho attitude. I travel this scene every day and have NEVER seen a cop there yet unless grief has already happened.