NZ to strengthen relationship with UK after Brexit

UK flag. Image supplied
As the United Kingdom leaves the European Union on January 31, Foreign Minister Winston Peters has signalled that New Zealand will look to build on its relationship with the UK, as well as recommitting to New Zealand’s important relationship with the EU.
“As the UK exits the EU our close and long-standing friendships will continue,” says Winston.
After 47 years of membership, Britain has left the European Union. The UK’s departure became official at 11pm UK time or midnight in Brussels, the headquarters of the EU.
“New Zealand and the UK already cooperate closely on defence and security issues, have cultural connections through history and migration, are strong supporters of the multilateral system, and share many values that we seek to uphold on the world stage,” says Winston.
“There is potential for us to work even more closely on international issues, particularly in the Pacific as the UK increases its diplomatic presence in the region and through the Commonwealth. The UK is hosting the COP26 climate meeting later this year, and that will be another platform for us to work together on issues of global importance.
“The Government has already begun discussions with the UK on ways to further strengthen our future trade relationship, and welcomes the UK’s confirmation that New Zealand will be in the first tranche of partners for free trade agreement negotiations.
“The ability for New Zealanders to live and work in the UK for a period of time remains an important element of our relationship, and we look forward to working with the UK to maximise opportunities for this.
“While today marks a new chapter in the UK’s history, New Zealand’s relationship with the EU remains as important as ever. We are making good progress on the EU-New Zealand FTA, and continue to work closely with the EU on many areas of mutual interest, including upholding the global rules-based system and meaningful action on climate change,” says Winston.
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Posted on 02-02-2020 19:09 | By groutby

......the UK will want to trade with us freely once again., this time the choice will be theirs to have quality and committment without being answerable to the organisation known as the EU...good on you UK...empowerment all the way!..

Of course they are

Posted on 01-02-2020 17:04 | By

So are the Yanks. They all want to trade. Well done Boris. The naysayers will be proven to be hysterical fools.