Bay Link completion still a year away

An artist’s impression of the SH2 Bayfair flyover and roundabout. Image: NZTA.

The Baypark to Bayfair Link project is still on schedule to be completed in late 2021, says NZTA portfolio delivery manager Darryl Coalter.

The NZTA is still investigating the feasibility of extending the existing underpass, with Darryl saying they aim to have a decision on whether to advance to a detailed design in the coming months.

He says the next project milestone that members of the public will see is the temporary signalised pedestrian crossings across State Highway 2 near the Bayfair roundabout.

He says this is so work on the new Bayfair roundabout and flyover can take place.

Dotterels return

The return of summer also means the return of dotterels at the Bay Link site.

The NZTA has been continuing to work with local hapu and the Department of Conservation in an effort to deter dotterels, one of New Zealand’s rarest and at-risk birds, from nesting in the Bay Link construction site.

The site has proven to be popular at the site with three pairs of northern New Zealand dotterels making themselves at home to hatch their five eggs.

Their nesting areas have been fenced off and cultural monitors are in place to ensure the guardianship and protection of the birds within the construction site.

Finishing touches

Finishing touches, including new footpaths and driveways have recently been completed along Maunganui Road between Concord Ave and Bayfair’s new entrance.

The project work zone has since shifted to the middle of SH2 Maunganui Road and the east-bound traffic lanes split to accommodate this relocation.

New signalised Bayfair roundabout

When the Bay Link project is complete, the new Bayfair roundabout will provide a safe signalised crossing for pedestrians and cyclists through the roundabout.

There will be reduced volumes of traffic using the roundabout once the flyover is complete, with more than 50 per cent of the current traffic expected to use the new SH2 flyover.

“We are still developing the final design of the signalised roundabout and are currently working with Tauranga City Council and the Bay of Plenty Regional Council to look at options for pedestrian, cycle and bus prioritisation throughout the Bayfair roundabout.

“We are engaging with stakeholders and the community throughout this process and aim to present a preferred option in 2020.”

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golly gosh

Posted on 25-01-2020 14:53 | By old trucker

Of cause its going to take another 2yrs, for crying out loud NO ONE is doing anything,standing smoking and standing around in little groups having meetings,get on with it, did anyone see what CHINA is doing,BUILDING a 1000 room hospital in 2 weeks,this would all be done or a lot of it if they worked over 4 week break,the guys could have been given days off in lue when it rained,there is not enough people working, on this,now they have put up lights by the look to let people over,this is going to cause a jam,who ever designed this should be SACKED for not allowing the tunnel to be included in design, what a big mess up,also comming from baypark the barriers could be pulled back to allow traffic turning left into Matipihi rd as its to close to bayfair,this would let the traffic flow better,pennies worth,10-4 out phew.

Cultural guardianship, monitoring?

Posted on 24-01-2020 15:50 | By Murray.Guy

’... cultural monitors are in place to ensure the guardianship and protection of the birds...’ ? Is this the same bird variety that has adopted the Hairini Bridge, that builds a nest on Mount Main Beach?

Excuse Me

Posted on 23-01-2020 22:23 | By

but what is cultural monitoring and guardianship? As a worksite what is this costing us? I fully realise these are birds near extinction which is not good but what was wrong with just the fence? Can someone explain this to give me an understanding?

Which is it? Maybe both and pigs may fly

Posted on 23-01-2020 19:31 | By waiknot

So on the one hand no decision has been made on the underpass. On the other hand a safe crossing at the roundabout is being constructed