New campaign to tackle low awareness of ACC’s role

Kids happy and smiling after playing in the water. Photo: ACC.

Anyone who grows up in New Zealand, or visits from overseas, is naturally drawn to our bodies of water. Whether it's our beaches, our lakes or our rivers – we love being out in them. But we know that in water things can change when you least expect it.

And if things do go wrong, ACC is there for you. Last year, the Accident Compensation Corporation helped 36,515 people recover from water-related injuries. That's just over 100 a day.

ACC’s research indicates that almost half of New Zealanders and nearly 60 per cent of Maori have low awareness of ACC’s role and services.

To address this, ACC is launching an awareness campaign that will highlight the scale and range of services it delivers across injury prevention, care and recovery.

“Low awareness and understanding of ACC can stop people from coming to us for help when things go wrong – it’s something we want to change in order to positively impact health outcomes of New Zealanders,” ACC’s Chief Customer Officer Emma Powell. “The more awareness New Zealanders have of us and our range of services the greater chance we have of achieving that.”

The six-month campaign will cover a range of topics, with an initial focus on some of the more surprising things ACC is involved in across water safety, sport, healthy relationships and workplace injuries. It will feature across digital, radio, print and outdoor locations, reaching over 98 per cent of New Zealand, with a budget of up to $3.35 million.”

If someone is injured in an accident in New Zealand, whether it's relatively minor or something more serious, ACC is there to provide care and support so people can get back to everyday life.

“We’re using locals, rather than professional actors, in our videos which show there are two sides to the everyday situations we find ourselves in. Our storytelling points to the moment where things could go well or not so well and allows us to use that moment to point to our role. It’s all about encouraging awareness of our surroundings and watching out for each other to prevent injuries.”

Sport’s a huge part of our culture. From rugby to waka ama, it’s in our blood. ACC wants people to be safe, but it’s also there to support players if they get injured, and last year helped 209,507 people recover from sports injuries.

 “At ACC we’re huge supporters of people getting out and embracing the Kiwi way of life and following their passion, whether that’s mountain biking, doing bombs off the local wharf, exploring Aotearoa’s great walks or a game of rugby with mates. We want people to enjoy life knowing that ACC is supporting them to stay injury free and to get back to everyday life if the unexpected happens.”

ACC partners with a range of sporting organisations across New Zealand to reduce the chances of players getting side-lined in the first place. This includes helping around 250,000 people last year to learn warm up skills.

To find out how ACC can help if you're injured because of an accident:

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What a joke.

Posted on 20-01-2020 19:52 | By Loopy101

Acc are an absolute joke. They do anything possible not to pay out to people who genuinely deserve compensation. While people milking the system get helps for years. They are not happy to help at all. All they care about is getting you back to work in the time frame that allows them to get a bonus. Acc need to review themselves. Absolutely horrendous