Council seeking leadership expert for committee

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Tauranga City Council is on the hunt for someone to chair the Chair the Finance, Audit and Risk Committee.

A post on the Tauranga City Council website says Tauranga’s rapid growth brings many challenges and they need a fresh approach to their business to meet the challenges head-on and create the city the community deserves.

“Tauranga City Council services more than 135,000 residents. We’re expecting that to grow to 187,000 residents by 2050. That’s a lot more people needing us to deliver a high standard of infrastructure, services and investment.

“Tauranga City Council is seeking an external appointment to Chair the Finance, Audit and Risk Committee. This is a strategic and significant governance role with accountability for overseeing the organisations risk management, internal control and financial management practises.

The committee meets approximately eight times a year and the successful appointee will play an important role in governing the effectiveness of council’s, financial and non-financial performance, treasury, annual reporting, internal and external financial controls and significant risks including legal risks, the website says.

“We are seeking applicants with leadership experience in significant or complex organisations, a commitment to develop capability with respect to The Treaty of Waitangi, experience in the local government sector and or experience in finance and audit. A chartered accountant or legal qualification is preferred. Diversity of thinking, integrity, strong communication and decision-making attributes are non-negotiable.

“This role has full voting rights for the term of appointment, which coincides with the current Council triennium from 2019-2022.”

For more information about the position can be found on the council’s website.

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@ The Caveman

Posted on 14-01-2020 18:30 | By nerak

You’re onto it! Especially the last sentence. My pick is LB....


Posted on 14-01-2020 13:11 | By Told you

I am bitterly disappointed in the Mayor for the appointment of an ideas man for the council, I thought he had all the answers or that is what he told us before the election, now with this person he can op out of any responsibility and say it wasn’t my idea, this Is nothing but a con.

OH and the real bit!!

Posted on 14-01-2020 00:14 | By The Caveman

The appointee gets FULL voting rights on the Council Committee !!! NOT even an elected council member !!!


Posted on 14-01-2020 00:12 | By The Caveman

First up - an UNELECTED person being appointed to a KEY council position !! Second up - WHO is that unelected person actually accountable too - NOT the ratepayers !! Third up - WHO is making the appointment !! Fourth up - WHAT is the salary for this EIGHT meetings a year?? Fifth up - does this person work exclusively for the Council or are they free to keep another job as well ?? Seems to me that that this is a bit of con job and the "already decided appointee" will in fact be a YES man/woman for the NEW council "block of 8" !!


Posted on 13-01-2020 18:19 | By Makkas1313

Holy cr@p! I could be wrong but didn’t Tauranga just vote in a leader. . . So just what does the Mayor do? Let’s see the job description . . . How ridiculous the council advertising for a leader are these guys admitting they are only doing it for the money. . .