Whakaari/White Island no-go zone reduced

Image: NZ Police.

Whakaari/White Island remains active, with hot gas and steam coming from vents opened by the December eruption.

Scientists at GNS Science have given an update today on the state of the volcano off the Bay of Plenty, almost a month after it exploded, killing 17 people.

Two people are still listed as missing.

The volcanic alert remains at level two, indicating heightened risk.

But GNS says no further eruptions have been observed since December, although its infrared cameras are picking up emissions of steam and gas.

Satellite scans show some landslides at the back of the crater wall.

Experts met this morning and decided to reduce a no-go zone for GNS staff but it remains bigger than the island so staff cannot go back for standard operations.

It will review the situation again in February.


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still a over reaction.

Posted on 07-01-2020 12:00 | By hapukafin

See it out there from time to time with plumes rising more than has in the last few weeks and we had no restrictions