Vandalism causes power cut at the Mount

Images: Daniel Hines/SunLive

PowerCo advises that the power cut at Mount Maunganui this evening was caused by vandalism.

The sudden outage which happened at 8.48pm has resulted in a power cut to 263 properties. It is believed that the power cut was the result of long foil streamers from the Bay Dreams event being blown by wind into nearby powerlines.

A SunLive photographer outside the event reports that he saw the streamers go up in the air.

"The wind blew them all across the road, into trees and onto the railway lines.


"It also blew them onto the power lines. I saw a big blue white flash and the power went out.

"The Truman Lane and Sandhurst Drive street lights are also out."

PowerCo are conducting a site investigation and expect that power will be restored by 1am on Friday January 3.

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Time for PowerCo to put power lines underground

Posted on 12-01-2020 15:51 | By

The main motivation to underground existing overhead lines is to improve the visual appeal of streets, however this also creates a safer road environment (there are fewer poles for vehicles or other footpath user to hit) plus prevents other overhead dangers as shown above plua kites, birds flying into them etc. The bonus for all is: higher reliability of electricity supply, reduced maintenance costs and a longer asset life. It is well overdue that PowerCo took a leaf out of (South Is) Orion power networks very wise planning strategy and start implementing getting all these ugly and dangerous powerlines underground one street at time. This would prevent un-necessary issues like this and many others that occur from having these huge and unsightly chunks of bricks and wire dangling all over the ’not-new’ subdivisions around the otherwise beautiful Bay of Plenty.

Vandalism Really???

Posted on 03-01-2020 08:03 | By beefhooked

By vandalism, the people purposely blew the foil streamers onto the power lines? Really???

No surprise

Posted on 02-01-2020 23:32 | By

I hope PowerCo charges the organisers of bay dreams the cost of repairs. Poor residents having to put up with the loud music, way louder than speedway. It’s the few idiots that spoil it.