Illegal dumping on the rise

Tauranga City Council is urging people to dispose of household items correctly. File Image/SunLive

Illegal dumping in Tauranga is a continuing issue and Tauranga City Council is calling on the community to help it mount successful enforcement actions.

Earlier this month, council successfully issued a $200 infringement notice under the Litter Act 1979 to a person caught illegally dumping greenwaste at Papamoa Beach Reserve.

Infringement notices for illegal dumping can reach up to $400.

“We live in a special place and to keep Tauranga beautiful, it’s essential the community reports illegal dumping. This inconsiderate behaviour is affecting our precious environment and needlessly soaking up council resources,” says Mayor Tenby Powell.

Removal and disposal of illegally dumped material comes at a cost to ratepayers. Council has spent over $47,000 this year to remove 130 tonnes of illegally dumped items. That is nearly $12,000 more than the illegal dumping costs incurred in 2017.

Items that commonly get dumped illegally include furniture, mattresses, tyres, household rubbish and greenwaste.

Council is urging residents and visitors to manage the disposal of household items responsibly. For those who have recently moved to Tauranga from different areas, this can be a change to disposal habits, as the council does not offer an inorganics collection service.

Instead of placing items on the street or in public places, consider selling things online that could still be of use, donating to a local charity or op-shop or finding a recycling company. Otherwise, items can be taken to transfer stations for disposal.

“January is a peak time for illegal dumping, so we’re encouraging the community to help by letting us know about any illegal dumping activity,” says Murray Kliskey, TCC team leader waste contracts and compliance.

“The more information and evidence we have about the incident, the easier it is to take enforcement action.”

Helpful information may include photos, videos, vehicle registration numbers, vehicle make and model, descriptions of the people involved, time, date, location, and type and number of items dumped, he says.

To report suspected illegal dumping activity, please call 07 577 7000, or email

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Posted on 01-01-2020 12:49 | By dumbkof2

is it any wonder when the cost at the transfer stn is so high

DNA Proof.

Posted on 01-01-2020 11:59 | By Justin T.

With the advancement of cheaper DNA profiling perhaps we could get some of the larger criminal dumping solved and costs recovered accordingly. Justin T.


Posted on 31-12-2019 14:52 | By

this is only a fly in the ointment, with sage saying she is going to put up landfill charges the cost to dump is beyond people’s pocket on her salary and perks she can afford it, i am a pensioner and took some rubbish in my trailer $60 total rip off. no wonder road side dumping is on the increase it will get worse.

Two points:

Posted on 31-12-2019 12:42 | By morepork

1. You would have to be a blind cretin to want to destroy the beauty that we are privileged to live in. If you don’t care about that, you need to re-evaluate your attitude; you are missing much in your life. 2. If you really need to get rid of stuff and honestly can’t afford the tipping fees, contact the Council. It may be possible to get some assistance. Or go to social media and ask for help; there is a community of people who may be able to help you and, unlike you, they DO care about preserving what we have, so that future generations as well as the current one can enjoy it.

Not surprising

Posted on 30-12-2019 19:47 | By Kancho

As rubbish collection is contracted out by council it is an added cost to households many who rent who struggle to meet rising rental cost. Rates are high are already high without extra costs. So the answer for some is get rid of rubbish by any means. Worth considering when the current review is underway. A universal system through rates and reduce cost