Who’s in the car beside you?

Photo: NZ Police.

It could be your brother, your mother, your best friend, or us, says Police Acting Superintendent Amelia Steel, Acting National Manager for Road Policing.

“If that’s not reason enough to drive safely, I don’t know what is.

“There have already been 23 lives lost on the road this month. As people head away for the holidays we want them to remember that safety comes first at all times. The people around you on the road are people’s loved ones, possibly your own.

“Driving a car or riding a motorbike can be life threatening if you’re not being responsible. So we want people to stay focused when they’re behind the wheel or on their bike.

“Everyone has a lot on their minds this time of year so it can be easy to be distracted. But if you’re driving a vehicle you need to give that task your full attention.

“It’s doing the basics that will keep you safe this summer; watch your speed and your following distances, stay focused – put your phone out of reach – wear your seatbelt, and always driver sober and alert," says Amelia.

“Our Police will have a strong and visible presence on the roads this summer because we want everybody to get safely to their loved ones and their holiday destinations. We also need every road user to play their part.

“We can’t be on every road at all times or sit in the car beside you to remind you to pay attention, slow down, or take a break.

“We will have a series of radio ads playing over the holiday to remind people of the serious consequences of inattention, speed, drunk driving, and not wearing your seatbelt.

“We have also released a social media video (link is external) to confront people about the reality of what emergency responders face in a crash and what those people have to do to try to save them. We want people to stop and think about the potential consequences and to not take any chances.

“Please make sure you treat everyone on the roads around you like you would your loved ones; with respect and patience. Let’s all enjoy a safe holiday season.”

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