Spreading the Christmas cheer

Trixiemay Moss's garden in Maitland Street is full of thousands of Christmas lights.

‘Twas the month before Christmas, when all through the Bay, children and adults just wanted to say, “let’s spread all our love, bring peace and great care, to others who live here, during the year”.  

They’d saved and bought ornaments and during the night, made snowmen and reindeers all painted and bright. Crept out of their houses and hung with much joy, trinkets and baubles and twinkling fairy lights.

Fences were strung with more lights and displays, gates opening to neighbours, the pathways ablaze with colour and flashing, stars, kiwis and arrays of flowers and what is that over there – more reindeer? 

Why did they do this, you ponder and ask? To bring warmth and wonder, so neighbours could bask in the glow and good cheer we can lose through the year.

Some years are quite grim, and people feel sad. When tragedy happens, we often feel bad, because we can’t change what has happened before, and we need cheering up so much more door-to-door.

From Greerton to the Mount, Omokoroa to Maketu, we are hurting for whanau in Whakatane too. It’s hard to smile when life has been hard, when people are hurt and their lives have been marred.

Good tidings, great joy, the blessing in our lives - they are still there for us to grow, reach out, and learn to thrive. We can find peace, spread love around, connect, bring hope, learn to rise. Go on, hold hearts, make someone else smile.

For those who create Christmas magic at home, over rooftops and gardens, with Santa-type gnomes, thank you all for giving us Christmas good cheer, and may we continue to thrive year by year.

Toy soldiers with their drums and musical instruments look out at passers-by from their garden at Mount Maunganui.

A smiling Santa looking like he's ready to give a hug can be found in this garden in Greerton.

A bakery at Mount Maunganui has smiling and laughing customers thanks to a talking Santa who speaks when his legs are pulled.

Kia mau te rongo ano he kukupa ki runga ki a tatou.
Peace be as a dove upon us.

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Whoever Wrote This . . .

Posted on 15-12-2019 22:05 | By

. . . WOW, it’s awesome. Hope you have a wonderful, safe and happy Christmas. That is really wonderfully written. Thank you for bringing Christmas cheer to my heart. Merry Christmas to all at Sunlive.