Offended Maori or offensive Pakeha?

It does not seem to have sunk in with R.Prince (The Weekend Sun, November 22, page 33) that the Treaty of Waitangi is now New Zealand law and has been since 1975.

It places responsibilities on councillors. The mayor is not dividing the council.

Any division in the council comes from councillors refusing to honour the Treaty and putting their own personal view ahead of working together as a council team. If there is a problem it is not Maori being perpetually offended, as suggested by R.Prince. It is ignorant Pakeha being perpetually offensive.

P Dey, Welcome Bay.

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What about the treaty?

Posted on 02-12-2019 20:00 | By crazyhorse

What about Andrew Hollis? voted in by 7500 people who expect Him to speak and support their views and opinions. Side linned by a council based on " racial" preference.