Your thoughts on finding a park in the CBD

Parking is always a hot topic in Tauranga, whether it be where to park or how much someone should pay for parking.

SunLive took to the streets of Tauranga asking members of the public where they park in the CBD and what they think about the current parking setup.

Sarah Dove, Papamoa

Where do you park in the CBD? It just depends what I’m coming for, today I have just come with the kids for a couple of hours so I just got free parking for a couple of hours. But when I come to work, I don’t actually park here I bike in.
What are your thoughts on the parking situation?
I think it's fine, I don’t have any problems with it, to be honest with you.

Philip Saul, Tauranga Central

Where do you park in the CBD? I don’t need to park, I live in the CBD.

What are your thoughts on the parking situation?

I think there should be free parking, the shops are dying. We moved down two and a half years ago and we have seen the place just die. The shop owners need a hand, and free parking right through the week would be a good way of helping them out.


Janelle Ratena, Bethlehem

Where do you park in the CBD?

I usually park on the Strand, most weekends. And if we can’t park in here we turn around and come back another day.

What are your thoughts on the parking situation?

Something has to be done, but I don’t know where they are going to fit more parking. There are too many shops, not enough parks.


Dylan Crook, Te Puke

Where do you park in the CBD?

I don’t come over very often, but we just park wherever we can find a park. It’s normally pretty busy.

What are your thoughts on the parking situation?

Sometimes it’s difficult to find a park, but I just drive around till I find one – or if I see someone backing out I’ll take theirs.


Barbara Griffin, Tauranga Central

Where do you park in the CBD?

We live in the CBD, so we have our own carpark.

What are your thoughts on the parking situation?

I think it’s dreadful, we need to speed up the introduction of self-driving cars so you can just tell your car to go away and find a park. Or we need electric scooters, so people don’t have to rely on parking.


Elena Smirnova, Papamoa

Where do you park in the CBD?

It depends if I need to drop my child-off or not. If not I try to come in before 7am so I can get free parking on Cameron Rd. If it’s too late, then I have to pay for parking.

What are your thoughts on the situation?

It’s pretty horrible, there aren’t enough parks. If you can’t come early you just drive around for ages trying to find a park, especially on a rainy day.

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Common sense

Posted on 25-11-2019 14:04 | By Feruno

So, too many yellow lines, make car parks. That wide expanse of grass on the strand that used to be parking, make car parks. I hope the university and new Farmers are going to have their own parking, or the centre of Tauranga IS going to DIE. I feel sorry for the shop owners who bought businesses, and were either killed by earthquake mods, or the loss of parking, but hey, these clowns in Council could care less...they have lovely open spaces, their own car parks, AND a fat increase !

Kill Yellow lines.

Posted on 20-11-2019 20:36 | By Old Bloke

Simple solution. Eradicate all the yellow lines that have infested the city... They are everywhere and have done ZERO in making Tauranga a better place.


Posted on 20-11-2019 10:11 | By

Barbara your idea of scooters is a good thought to consider but with the homeless now allowed to hog the streets with there filth and sleeping everywhere and the thugs that would knock you off the scooter for not paying them what we seem to rightfully owe them, we would probably end up having scooter lanes on our roads. Unfortunately for such a go backward city scooters (as much as I love them) are just too advanced for Tauranga and wouldn’t work well. All we can do is hope and pray that Mayor Tenby Powell comes through and is successful in our CBD battle

Who actually cares?

Posted on 20-11-2019 01:23 | By CC8

It’s a wasteland, I counted 26 empty shops in a late night drive thru a while ago. There is NO reason to go there, except to use it as a night time rat run when they are working on the expressway , or to show a visitor the "wastelands". Where the city hall ostriches and their fawning sycophants waste ratepayers’ money, pandering to those who just can’t/won’t let go! C’mon Tom , the place is dead, you have done your money! Should have got out while the going was good!

Oh Dear Jill

Posted on 19-11-2019 18:11 | By Ghost

So your logic is to make parking in the CBD free enabling workers to park all day for free. Good luck trying to find a park then.

The Cash Cow

Posted on 19-11-2019 16:19 | By bigted

Councils have bled the car parking cash cow for years. With the advent of online shopping plus malls with free parking, this being undercover and secure, who wants to go into the CBD and have to pay for the privilege? Regrettably there is no other answer for the CBD retailer but to move with the times and head to the mall.

Not too bad

Posted on 19-11-2019 15:45 | By Astoreth

I find parking in the CBD easy enough to find provided I don’t mind walking a few metres. On the flip side, I rarely and decreasingly have any reason to go into the CBD.

A simple idea......

Posted on 19-11-2019 15:27 | By Bruja

Let people choose one -two-hour period per week (always stays the same)...for example 2pm - 4 pm Tuesday. The person is issued with a sticker showing that day and time which they can place on their windscreen. During that period of time they can park, in any legal parking space, free. Including parking buildings etc. It’s simple to ’police’ and brings people into the CBD because they know if they can find a park at that time, anywhere, they can park in it free.

jill jarvis

Posted on 19-11-2019 15:19 | By

I think parking in CBD should be free. And there is not enough parks as they wiped alot of parks out. Putting in to many yellow lines where you used to park. i do agree with paul saul , even the car parks are far to expensive.