Water conservation calls before summer hits

People are being asked to be mindful about their water usage.

Summer isn’t even here yet, and already Tauranga City Council is calling on people to conserve water.

Council is warning people that the earlier onset of hot and mainly dry weather conditions means water restrictions are likely in the near future.

Tauranga City Council city waters manager Stephen Burton says water demand had already reached 50,000 cubic metres in a day, which is the signal to start planning for restrictions.

This figure is not usually seen until the hotter months of January and February.
“The early hot weather has already resulted in higher water demands than normal for this time of year.

“With a hot summer ahead, it’s important people start being more mindful of how they use water so we’re all doing our bit.”
Outdoor water use is one of the major challenges for water usage over summer.

As the days heat up, many people start to water their lawns and gardens.

“There are simple ways everyone can save water over the warmer months while still taking care of their gardens.

“Make every drop count, mulch your garden, sweep the driveway instead of hosing and restrict watering to the cooler hours of the day so moisture doesn’t evaporate.

“Make sure you use water wisely, so avoid using sprinklers and don’t leave water running unattended outside.”
Other water saving tips:

Fix drips and leaks in your household supply.

Turn the hose off when moving around your property.

Use a bucket to wash the car, or, just be proud of your grubby car.

For more information and tips on conserving water, visit

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Posted on 19-11-2019 23:39 | By Eric Bantona

Caveman you truly are a caveman. It’s more than likely to do with the capacity to treat the water faster than we consume it. Rather than the amount of water in our catchment. Get over Te Papa o Ngā Manu Porotakataka that’s done and dusted, referencing that is boring now. I’m pretty sure they are building more water infrastructure and conserving water is just common sense. But since you live in a cave, I don’t expect you to understand.

Well IF the Council ---

Posted on 15-11-2019 21:55 | By The Caveman

Got its priorities right and started spending ratepayer money on NEED TO HAVE instead of “nice” to have – like the totally unnecessary re-development of Phoenix Park , then WATER should not be problem, given the volume that falls out of the sky in the hills behind Tauranga., Remember the population has been ROCKETING for the past 10-15 years, but OH the Council (including the HIDDEN over-paid STAFF) have really done NOTHING in the past 15 years to UP the volume of water supply available to the City.


Posted on 15-11-2019 08:21 | By sensible

Maybe it’s time to reassess the affects of supplying all the cruise ships with water?