Two car crash in Welcome Bay

Welcome Bay Rd is closed while oil is cleaned up. Photo: Daniel Hines

A two vehicle crash has occurred in Welcome Bay on Sunday afternoon.

Emergency services are responding to a two-car crash on Welcome Bay Rd. The crash is believed to have occurred about 1.15pm.

The collision happened in Kairua between Rocky Cutting Rd and Red Rd.

“All the occupants were out of vehicles and only sustained minor injuries,” says a Police spokesperson. “However there's oil on the road as a result so the road is currently closed while it's cleaned up.”

Some of the occupants have been transported to hospital for further checking.

A truck crashed on Welcome Bay Rd on Tuesday November 5, also near Rocky Cutting Rd, blocking the eastbound land for some time.  

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Drivers faults again

Posted on 10-11-2019 16:16 | By hapukafin

Welcome Bay has had more than thier share of accidents.Dont drivers there know how to drive. Time the Police did some regular patrol and and checks there.