Police chase in the Mount

File image/SunLive.

Police have been in pursuit of a vehicle in Mount Maunganui.

A caller to 0800 SUNLIVE says a car speed past her on Ranch Road with a police car following.

“Police went past, chasing somebody with sirens blazing.”

A police spokesperson says police attempted to stop a driver who was not wearing a seatbelt on Ocean Beach Road about 11.50am.

“The driver did come to a stop and police are speaking to them.”

At the scene email or call 0800 SUNLIVE.

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Help , Police

Posted on 09-11-2019 17:19 | By peecee09

Could I, on behalf of the peace loving Mount community ask our Police Force to please take action against the bike gang that terrorises our quiet village on a regular basis when they ride through the town making an earth shattering noise that literally scares locals and visitors ( including Cruiseship passengers). I have witnessed people run into shops in fear of these lawbreaking louts. Surely there are laws governing vehicle exhaust noise limits.Their disgusting intimidating tactics do not belong here.