Councillors divided over remuneration report

Mayor Tenby Powell presides over the first council meeting today. Photo: Alisha Evans.

Tauranga City’s newly elected council is divided over remuneration for councillors.

Councillors were at logger heads when discussing the topic at their first council meeting today.

A proposed remuneration report was presented with updated recommendations from the Remuneration Authority that increased the pool of funding for TCC.

Councillors disagreed about the ratios which each councillors should be paid for the different roles they do.

The report presented by Coral Hair, manager democracy services, recommended the deputy mayor be paid $139,563, a chairperson of a standing committee be paid $121,276, a deputy chairperson be paid $108,763 and a councillor with no additional responsibilities be paid $96,251.

These figures are based off a ratio of the base pay for a councillor, which are the deputy mayor receives 1.45 times the minimum councillor annual pay of 96,251 the chairperson of standing committees receives 1.26 times the minimum and a deputy chairperson receives 1.13 times the minimum

Councillor Steve Morris recommended the ratios be smaller than those proposed and voted against the recommendation.

Steve suggests that instead of the ratios proposed in the report, that a deputy chairperson receives 1.1 times the minimum, a chairperson receives 1.2 times the minimum and the deputy mayor receives 1.3 times the minimum annual pay.

He agrees with the mayor Tenby Powell that those on standing committees as a chairperson or deputy chairperson should receive extra remuneration.

Tenby wants to create a council that will help the city’s progress.

“My feeling is that we need to have chairs and deputy chairs who can really lead and govern these committees in the way which will move us forward.

“I believe that those leadership roles of this magnitude should be rewarded - both chairs and deputies.”

Councillor Andrew Hollis didn’t agree with extra compensation with those on standing committees. He says the workload doesn’t change too much.

“I think creating a hierarchy within us when we all supposed to be making silver votes could be fraught, there is some risk associated with that.”

The motion was passed to accept the recommendation set out in the report by six votes to five.

Those who voted for the recommendation are, Jako Abrie, Larry Baldock, Kelvin Clout, Heidi Hughes, Tina Salisbury and mayor Tenby Powell.

Councillors that voted against are Andrew Hollis, John Robson, Steve Morris, Dawn Kiddie and Bill Grainger.

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What are members there for

Posted on 10-11-2019 16:11 | By hapukafin

Members of the council put themselves forward to be voted onto the council to represent the ratepayers,not for a big pay pack I thought.So much for the new Mayor tightening up on council expenses.

So much for Unity!

Posted on 09-11-2019 18:36 | By Maryfaith

We now have, right from the start - an ’A’ team and a ’B’ team. Thumbs up for the ’B’ team !! The ’haves’ will have more - regardless of the city purse - despite all their pre election rhetoric! GO THE ’B’ TEAM!

SO first business for the

Posted on 08-11-2019 12:12 | By The Caveman

New Councillors is sort out how deep we can get our snouts in the trough !!!

Disgusting Start

Posted on 07-11-2019 14:28 | By

How about doing something first?

Not a good start!

Posted on 05-11-2019 21:40 | By nerak

Ramping up councillor remuneration this soon in a new council is the last thing ratepayers want to see. An as yet to prove himself deputy mayor needs yet more $$? Will $139,563 ensure he will attend ALL meetings? And apply himself diligently to the job as he has not previously done? Thanks to those councillors who voted against this. And, why was this article relegated to council news so quickly?


Posted on 05-11-2019 19:32 | By

$140k for Sideshow Bob. The guy who was in charge of the CBD transformation. Well, he certainly did that. Empty shop after empty shop. The Circus continues.

Money Money Money

Posted on 05-11-2019 17:18 | By surfsup

So without actually doing anything we have a council that is looking at paying themselves more. The reason being to attract those than can turn this city around. Isn’t that what the last council was trying to do with some of those councilors still on board who managed to achieve nothing in their time.

Blah blah blah

Posted on 05-11-2019 17:15 | By

And the gravy train keeps a rollin!

Fair pay for work done

Posted on 05-11-2019 17:05 | By hapukafin

Fair pay is ok for production of work .sounds like some of the councillors are there for the biggest pay check.Teachers and nurses work harder than you and deserve more pay than councillors do.Stop trying to fleece the rate payers.

Hang on a second!

Posted on 05-11-2019 14:23 | By

Last year Councillors were being paid $75,000 salary; where does $96,000 come from? That’s 25% increase! Have Council offered striking staff 25% increase? Councillors should be doing this job to give back to the community not to get rich from doing so.