Fixing the base track – your views

Part of the base track has been off limits, with walkers having to traverse steep stairs to by-pass the damaged section.

The newly-elected Mayor of Tauranga, Tenby Powell is already making strides to repair the Mauao base track.

Tenby, Cr Steve Morris, Cr Dawn Kiddie and Tauranga City Council chief executive Marty Grenfell met with Mauao Trust trustees last week to further discuss repairing and reopening the track.

Current temporary access includes box steps that have been built up and around the slip site, which is not accessible for wheelchairs users or prams. Repairs are predicted to cost $5.2 million.

The Weekend Sun asked local track users if they think it’s worth investing in the repairs and why.

Dylan Mills, Mount Maunganui

Would you like to see the Mount base track repaired? I haven’t been up here much recently, but absolutely yeah.

Why? We need access for people in wheelchairs and people pushing prams. It probably will be nicer for tourists coming round the Mount if it’s repaired.


Rob Bedford, Mount Maunganui

Would you like to see the Mount base track repaired? The track is still well used, I don’t think repairing it is critical. I’m sure it makes it easier for people with wheelchairs but for the majority of people it’s fine as it is.

Why? The track is still quite functional, and the extra bit of climbing is part of the parcel of it.


Harvey Tippler, Papamoa

Would you like to see the Mount base track repaired? Most definitely, it’s a no brainer question.

Why? We need to allow more access to more people, particularly families with young kiddies. We need to look at some cheaper options.


Nina Henderson, Arataki

Would you like to see the Mount base track repaired? I must say I quite like the track how it is at the moment. I just think of someone in a wheelchair or a mother in a pushchair, and that’s a bit hard for them.

Why? I don’t mind the stairs, it is a good short term solution and now I am used to it. The repair would just cost so much money and Tauranga has so many other problems.


Torben Hitchfield, Mount Maunganui

Would you like to see the Mount base track repaired? Yeah, I think it would be ideal.

Why? If they have the money to put the stairs in, why don’t they have the money to repair it? People walk around the Mount to get away from the stairs, and there is always mum pushing prams who go round here because it is flat. It would just give more people the opportunity to enjoy the Mount.


Laurie Evans, Mount Maunganui

Would you like to see the Mount base track repaired? Yeah, if it’s feasible, of course.

Why? Everyone wants it to happen, so it comes to down to what are our options and how much is it going to cost. There are many ways to fund it, why can't they put advertising sings of companies who want to donate towards the repair? That would alleviate some of the cost for ratepayers.


Lynette McGaughran, Tauranga South

Would you like to see the Mount base track repaired? Yes, I do.

Why? At the moment it’s limited access for those with wheelchairs and those using prams. Everyone should be able to use the path, it’s beautiful.


Jo Torlesse, Mount Maunganui

Would you like to see the Mount base track repaired? Yeah, I think it needs to go ahead, but for me, it depends how much it is going to cost.

Why? There are a lot of people who struggle to get up and over the stairs so repairs would be great for them, but I am always conscious of the fact that there is only so much money that the council has.

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Go down around the beach

Posted on 05-11-2019 15:32 | By Johnney

Can’t see why the track can’t be built around the beach below the closed section. Maybe too easy and obvious

Too expensive

Posted on 04-11-2019 17:41 | By Hols

The 5.2 million dollars mentioned is ridiculous. If it can’t be done cheaper I would be surprised, but it’s not worth doing for that amount. I think man people would be willing to help fix it if asked.


Posted on 04-11-2019 13:59 | By

the cost is that you can access the slip from above due to sacred land. needs to be barged in

The cost

Posted on 04-11-2019 10:51 | By Eric Bantona

OAP - I highly doubt there is a “cultural” cost element. Everyone needs to realise that local government and public departments are often at the mercy of contractors. They charge what they like and always markup for public work because they can. Public departments are not legally able to be ruthless and have to provide a fair competition for tenders. Let’s not forget that. Also yes - local government has to abide by any relevant and applicable H&S legislation. That will always add cost. But they have to. Gone are the days of turning up with wheelbarrows and elbow grease mainly because of the suing culture that started in the US. WSTAKL, I doubt Iwi can fund the repair. Plus the track is used by all of Tauranga and visitors to our area.The most important thing is for it to be accessible to all. Not arguing over who pays

base track

Posted on 03-11-2019 20:45 | By OAP

Surely the most important question is why does it cost so much ? Why haven’t we got a breakdown of these costs ,and an explanation of where the money is going to ? A few years back a group of retired guys would have got together and solved the whole problem at minimal cost . is this exorbitant cost all down to Health and Safety? , or is there a ’culture ’ element involved ?

MMauao Base Track repairs

Posted on 03-11-2019 16:45 | By

The people who think the Base Track is still ok like it is need to think of their own parents and grandparents, not just those in wheelchairs of pushing perambulators. They should be climbing UP the Mount not walking around it anyway. I am 76 and find it difficult to get up and down the stairs. We need to have people ask TECT and Port Of Tauranga to offer finance to the TCC too.


Posted on 03-11-2019 13:39 | By Told you

Why wasn’t Andrew Hollis brought in on discussions? he has the back ground on this sort of thing and has already made suggestions how it could be repaired, is it because of his out spoken views on the Treaty, if so the council needs to get it priorities right and don’t let someone views get in the way of progress.


Posted on 03-11-2019 12:05 | By WSTAKL

If local Iwi ’own’ Mauao, then why don’t they stump up the $5.2million to fix the track?