Safety reminder as fireworks go on sale tomorrow

Fireworks officially go on sale on Saturday. File photo.

Fireworks are going on sale this Saturday and Fire and Emergency New Zealand is urging people to think before they light.

Between November 2 and 4 last year, there were 56 fireworks related incidents across New Zealand.

Fire Risk Management national advisor Peter Gallagher says fireworks can be fun, but also dangerous.

"We would like every one planning on using fireworks to think about safety prior to use.

"It’s important to check the weather forecast, make sure you have water nearby and use the fireworks in a responsible manner."

With Guy Fawkes this year falling on a Tuesday, there is the potential for three periods of heavy use; November 2, November 5 and November 8 and 9.

Peter hopes users will maintain a high level of safety consciousness every time they use fireworks.

"Whether it’s the first firework you light or the 25th, it's important to check your surroundings, make sure the weather doesn’t pose a danger and to make sure the fireworks are on a flat surface or nailed to a surface as specified in the instructions.

Fire and Emergency New Zealand also encourages users to listen to the advice of partner agencies including Police, the SPCA and their local councils.

Safety Tips:

-Don’t light fireworks in windy or dry conditions.

-Carefully read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions before using any fireworks.

-Light your fireworks in a wide-open area, away from anything that could catch fire, like dry grass, leaves or crops, or flammable gases or liquids.

-Keep a bucket of water, hose or fire extinguisher handy.

-Point fireworks at the sky, not your mates.

-Refer to your local bylaws for the rules around using fireworks in your area. In many places, you're only allowed to light fireworks on private property.

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I would say......

Posted on 01-11-2019 20:57 | By groutby is part of European history in which many wish to involve themselves with. Other such events such as those in which are given as a national day off..are ’celebrated’ also, we all have different reasons to commemorate an event or time, this is no different. Guido Fawkes failed in his attempt to carry out his believed purpose and died as a result, but, at least he did so with a true belief seldom seen now. Emergency services ( in this case mainly Fire Service) are under so much less ’pressure’ than they used to be ( as a Fire Service Volunteer 30 yrs ago) so please, no more sob stories, we have a job to do, I am sure the sensible people have no intention of providing ’issues’ for them than necessary, but yes, there are too many turkeys out there with fireworks in hand...

Yes Why

Posted on 01-11-2019 14:56 | By mlow

We are supposed to be a modern society. Why - are we still pretending we are celebrating a failed event - why are we condoning the use of explosives - why are we condoning injuries and damage year after year. Grow up NZ


Posted on 01-11-2019 13:56 | By

Tell me why we celebrate a Terrorist why tried to blow up Parliament?.or maybe we just want to put our emergency services under undue stress unnecessarily

Safety Tip:

Posted on 01-11-2019 11:11 | By Justin T.

- Keep fireworks away from stupid people. Thanks in advance to all the emergency services. Darwins Theory says you will be in high demand. Justin T.