Rubbish dumped in Oropi stream

The dumped rubbish weighed about 130kg all up. Photos: Bay of Plenty Regional Council/Facebook.

An inflatable swimming pool, false eyelashes and a heap of kids toys were just some of the items that staff removed from Tautau stream on Oropi Road.

Bay of Plenty Regional Council staff were called to the stream on Wednesday afternoon.

"All up, the haul weighed about 130kg," says a pos on the Bay of Plenty Regional Council Facebook page.

"It's especially disappointing as this stream is a drinking water source for Tauranga.

"If you come across rubbish in a waterway, and you're not able to easily remove it yourself, please let us know via the Pollution Hotline on 0800 884 883 so we can help keep our waterways pollution free."

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You have to ask...

Posted on 25-10-2019 10:22 | By morepork

… what kind of people would do this? If they can’t afford rubbish collection or tip fees then call Council and say that. If no help is forthcoming (and I believe there must be some possibility...) then dig a big hole and bury it yourself. Dropping it into the water supply? Insane...

But . . .

Posted on 25-10-2019 08:26 | By

I agree this is shocking, self-centered behavior. Thoughtless . . . No. They thought about it and did it. They know the consequences of such a low life act. Absolute scum-bags. But . . . It does point to the fact that Transfer Station fee’s are ridiculously high and the cost of the Council rubbish bag is too high. At least they did bag it thank goodness. None of this however is an excuse for their selfish act that they gutlessly did out of sight. To the ones who did this, you’re just gutless, self-centered, whimpy little scumbags. As Justin T says, I hope there’s documents that lead to you but then you’d probably blame it on someone else who just happened to take your rubbish away for you. Gutless scum.


Posted on 24-10-2019 16:19 | By jh

Should have gone to the transfer station in Greerton, hope they find the culprit.

Lazy low end life form.

Posted on 24-10-2019 15:27 | By Justin T.

Hope theres an address from a bill or social welfare form in the rubbish that will lead to a conviction. These sort of people dont have the intelligence to remove incriminating evidence. Justin T