Parking meters installed along Durham Street

Trees being supported during windy weather. Image: Tauranga City Council website.

With all the machinery and traffic control now removed from Durham Street, parking meters and signage has been installed along.

“There is no parking in Durham Lane and there is 60 minute parking on Durham Street,” says a Tauranga City Council spokesperson.

“The windy weather this past week has certainly tested the new trees outside the University of Waikato. As a temporary measure, we are supporting the trees with strapping until the street furniture is all installed and the trees have had time to spread their roots.”

The last small pieces of work will be undertaken without any road closures.

Highlights from the past week:

Traffic management and all barriers have been removed from site. This is a very exciting milestone for the project.

Durham Street open to two-way traffic.

Durham Lane open to vehicle traffic.

Street signage is up.

Bus stop is ready to link back into bus network.

Work happening next week includes:

Durham Street

Continue cobblestone work on make-up strip between footpath and Palazzo Kitchens and Nood buildings.

Bike stands to be installed.

Seating to be installed.

Final planting around seating.

Litter traps to go inside cesspits.

Light shrouds.

Pave-locking of cobbled areas to set them once they have settled.

The project is expected to be completed by the end of October.

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Posted on 24-10-2019 08:13 | By

Why plant trees that will cause havic to the concret when they are big ttc have rocks in there heads planting big trees there

Eric Bantona

Posted on 22-10-2019 21:09 | By Accountable

Free time limited and monitored parking does work. Councillors John Robson, Steve Morris and Rick Curach recently made a special effort to travel to Hamilton to view how their free parking project works so successfully and as recently as a month ago at a Council meeting Councillor Bill Grainger mentioned that he had spoken to two Hamilton City Council officials and both said their free parking experiment is operating extremely successfully. Our previous Council was willing to jeopardize the CBD to save a dollar to then waste it on the likes of the stupid Wharf street and Durham street projects. They have also removed probably 20 car parks from Durham street. Wheres the progress in that exercise. There is none. Hopefully the new Councillors have a few more brains.


Posted on 21-10-2019 19:54 | By Eric Bantona

Nice thought and well intended but it doesn’t work. Workers in the CBD will take those free parks and would still leave customers that visit looking for spaces. Unless you had triple or quadruple the parking stock, free parking doesn’t work. All it does is encourage more cars which compounds the problem further.

butts out

Posted on 21-10-2019 19:40 | By CC8

Overit , good call, BUTT why not just ban cigarettes altogether...ban smoking in any form then you won’t need butt containers(ashtrays). One would assume that Polytech students and and/or university educators would be reasonably intelligent, so WHY would any of them smoke in the first place?


Posted on 21-10-2019 16:16 | By dumbkof2

council and govt jobs always take longer than expected. it’s called job security

Parking Meters

Posted on 21-10-2019 13:42 | By 2up

Looking at all the vacant shops around Tauranga central I would think promoting free parking would be better to entice customers.

Looks good

Posted on 21-10-2019 13:17 | By Eric Bantona

Looks cool. I like it. It did take way longer than it should have done but the end result is good.


Posted on 21-10-2019 13:07 | By overit

Please put a cigarette butt container outside the new Polytechnic please.Was down there a month ago, it was appalling.