Tauranga youth share their election thoughts

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With the local body elections fast approaching, SunLive took to the streets of Tauranga this week to ask our young people if they are planning on casting their vote this year and what changes they would like to see implemented in the city.

Harrison Brick, Omanu

Are you voting in the upcoming elections?

Yep, I sure am.  I want to see change in my community – I want to see more work, more employment and more skilled jobs.

What changes do you want to see in Tauranga?

I want to see more efficiency in transport, people being able to get to their jobs on time in the morning. Better transport systems and more assistance for entrepreneurs. 

Nikita Costello, Bellevue

Are you voting in the upcoming elections?

Yes, yes I am.  It seems like nothing changes, so it’s nice to maybe make a change.

What changes do you want to see in Tauranga?

Where do I begin, let’s be real. More access to services for people that need them. People being able to get help where they need it, and not having to jump through loop holes to get there. Because just doing that in itself a deterrent, and it will stop people from getting the help they need.

Kheyjhyn Martin, Mount Maunganui

Are you voting in the upcoming elections?

I haven’t planned to. I don’t how to, and I had a quick look at who was running for Mayor but I’m not too interesting in going out to vote.

What changes do you want to see in Tauranga?

It would be around more things available for youth – more free activities, better parks for kids to play on. Tauranga just caters for the older generation and doesn’t represent anything for younger people

Jessa Follas, Brookfield

Are you voting in the upcoming elections?

Yes. It’s kind of a responsibility of citizens when you are a part of society to be involved in society in a positive way.

What changes do you want to see in Tauranga?

First and foremost we really need to look after our environment. Things like climate change and sustainability - that is a big deal.  There’s too many homeless people, I know that’s everywhere, but specifically in Tauranga I think we need to look at that.

Mario Vargas, Mount Maunganui

Are you voting in the upcoming elections?

Yeah I reckon. Voting is your chance to get some change going, and if you don’t vote you’re kind of like leaving everything up to everyone else.

What changes do you want to see in Tauranga?

Being a student, I feel like the CBD lacks a few things like more life. Maybe a few more events that will attract younger people, not necessarily parties, but maybe more chances to network with professionals.

Annabel Glen, Welcome Bay

Are you voting in the upcoming elections?

I haven’t heard much about them to be honest, I did get sent something but I haven’t really looked into it.

What changes do you want to see in Tauranga?

I’m studying early childhood, so making sure that the centres and stuff are up to standard.

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I don't see why..

Posted on 26-09-2019 20:20 | By groutby

........the TCC need to get directly involved in the promotion of the young voting and be rather negative of older folk who have an equal vote, but they have..seen the posters going around?...that said, voters of any age and persuasion should vote with knowledge rather than outside influences just as we all should. No-one should be almost forced to vote becomes it becomes..’popular’ suspicion is that current TCC are getting rather nervous and hoping to capture votes for people they promote by perhaps more influenced more recent voters. I hope the younger potential voters make choices of their own, there are many older voters who choose not to vote’s what we call a democratic society.

Don't Complain

Posted on 23-09-2019 21:52 | By

Two of you state you want to see change but dunno if you can be bothered voting - REALLY. If nothing changes, nothing changes. You have a responsibility to vote if you want change. Don’t vote then you have absolutely no right to complain. You have a chance to improve your City. What do you mean you want to see change but can’t be bothered and/or haven’t seen anything about it. Time to get with it don’t you think . . .

Good to hear

Posted on 23-09-2019 13:14 | By nerak

from the majority of these young folk that they have their heads screwed on and realise the importance of voting which is easy to do via post. Please, though, don’t be swayed by those promising the earth.... they often do not deliver