Reducing traffic congestion in the workplace

The Kollective members on the electric scooters and bikes next to the electric car. Images and video: Daniel Hines/SunLive.

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As a way of doing their part to minimise traffic woes in the Tauranga CBD, The Kollective has purchased electric scooters, electric bikes, and an electric cars for members to use during their working day.

General manager Gordy Lockhart says when members are travelling around town, they will be able to use a scooter or bike instead of a car to get to their destination quicker.

“For example, if we have a meeting in the CBD rather than taking a car, getting snarled up on Cameron Road and then searching the CBD for a carpark for 20 minutes, you can literally take a bike, scoot down Cameron Road and you can roll it straight up to your meeting.”

He says parking is without a doubt one of the single biggest, most contentious in Tauranga right now.

“Ultimately what we as The Kollective wanted to do was try and generate a system where we reduce our impact to traffic flows in the immediate environment but also mitigated our effect on our wider environment.

“I think electric is the go to place right now, and I think certainly from the bike and the scooter’s perspective they are the fastest way of getting around town,” says Gordy.

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Posted on 20-09-2019 10:29 | By Told you

All very well on a summers day but let’s get realistic no good on a cold raining day, the dangers of riding in Tauranga haven’t been published you take you life in your hands.

Congestion ?

Posted on 20-09-2019 09:56 | By Accountable

This is absolute puffery. People, there is no congestion in the CBD. We wish there was!!!! 1700 people walk past a foot traffic counter in devonport Road every day over a 24 hour period. 55000 people a day visit either The Crossing, Bayfair and The Palm Beach Plaza a day. Council have removed over 1000 car parks in the last couple of years and have leased at least 30% of the car parking buildings out to business people.That is why it is hard to find a park. You can shop in the CBD and the only people that will get in your way or annoy you will be parking wardens and the hopeless.