Approved gun dealers start to accept weapons

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Approved licensed dealers around the country will start to accept prohibited firearms and parts on behalf of the police this week.

Details about the 37 dealers helping with the government amnesty and buy-back scheme can be found on the police website.

The move came after a successful pilot run in Auckland earlier in the month at two dealer sites.

Deputy commissioner Mike Clement says this option was opened to allow the firearms community to hand in their prohibited firearms and parts "in a place many will feel most comfortable with - their local dealer".

"I want to thank all the approved dealers who have put their hand up to help NZ Police facilitate the buy-back and amnesty," he says.

Firearms owners were asked to contact their local dealers to making a booking and also complete an online notification on the police website.

They can bring in a maximum of three prohibited firearms and five prohibited parts per firearm to a dealer.

The police may be on site at some dealers for those who want a face-to-face assessment or have questions regarding the modification process and unique prohibited items.

The dealers will be available to accept firearms until mid-November.


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Posted on 19-09-2019 18:17 | By

Well for the life of me a do not understand why you need a look alike mechane gun to go deer hunting or pig hunting use a 308 or a buck shot my uncle did it for years and still dose