Oceandowns Reserve to be converted to sports field

Oceandowns Reserve. Image: Google Maps

Work has commenced for turning Oceandowns Reserve into an active field with playground facilities, ready for use during the 2020 football season.

Oceandowns Reserve is on the corner of Gloucester Rd and Oceandowns Way in Arataki. The plan is to turn it into an active reserve, with two football fields complete with irrigation, training lights, a playground, public toilets, changing sheds, a shared path and parking.

Work has started and will take approximately 16 weeks to complete. All going to plan, full use of the sports fields will start in the winter of 2020.

The decision to convert Oceandowns Reserve into a sports field was driven by the growing pressures on the city’s active reserves. By establishing this park primarily for football use, it alleviates some of the pressure at other sports fields for other sports codes for example Arataki Park and Blake Park.

Engagement with the community commenced mid-2018. Local residents had an opportunity to provide feedback on the concept plan, including providing suggestions on the type of play equipment they would like to see.

Thanks to the public who provided feedback on the development is expressed on the Tauranga City Council website.

“The responses received were generally in favour of the proposal. Any concerns raised have been mitigated where possible during the planning process,” writes a Council spokesperson on the page.

Key features of the reserve include:

  •   •  Two football fields – allowing for a 25-metre buffer between fields and the neighbours’ boundaries to reduce noise and the risk of balls being kicked over the fence.

  • Floodlights – will be using LED lights, which have two benefits:
    • lower power usage
    • light spill is less likely to reach neighbouring properties – this means that the light at the boundary will be the same brightness that you would expect from a full moon.
  •   •  Public toilets, changing sheds, referees room, storage space – located in the most accessible and visible part of the reserve, near the playground and car park. The public toilets will be locked afterhours, and only sports clubs will have access to the remaining facilities.

  •   •  Car parking – 35 new angle car parks will be created on Gloucester Road. The number of car parks is comparable to other reserves in a similar residential location, e.g. Morland Fox Park, Pemberton Park.

  •   •  Footpath – a new footpath will run along Gloucester Road.

  •   •  Playground – installation of the playground will happen once all the other works are completed, probably early 2020.  Many great suggestions were received during the public consultation period so council will incorporate some of those ideas where possible.

“The less locals have to travel across town the better it is for so many reasons,” writes Tauranga City Councillor Leanne Brown on her Facebook page.

The following contractors will be undertaking the works:

  • Field Drainage Specialists Limited – earthworks and irrigation
  • Energy Services Tauranga Limited – floodlighting
  • Fulton Hogan – car parking and footpaths
  • RZG Construction – public toilets, changing sheds, referees’ room and storage space
  • Recreational Services – sowing grass and general landscaping
  • Playground provider still to be confirmed.

The reserve will be closed to the public during the works.

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Again the so called Council planners have -

Posted on 16-09-2019 21:09 | By The Caveman

"C _ _ K _ D" up. Lets look at it- two football fields - 11 players plus reserves - say 4 - per team - 60 players plus officials with a 9am game - start !! 65 cars looking for a car park. 75 minutes later another 60 players plus officials for their 10.45am game start. ANOTHER 65 cars looking for a carpark, BEFORE the first group of 9.00am players are even close to leaving!!!! AND then we have the kids playground with another 15/20 parents wanting to use the playground at the same time - DID I MISS SOMETHING - WHERE are the 120-150 car parks - OH on the local streets !!!