Pot holes in Oropi and Mount roads delay traffic

Oropi Road. Photos: Cameron Avery/SunLive. Video: Kaden Oliver/Supplied

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A hole opening up on Oropi Rd this evening has resulted in traffic being reduced to one lane. 

Police report they received a couple of phone calls around 8.30pm on Wednesday from members of the public reporting a hole that had appeared on Oropi Rd. 

The Police have contacted the council. Staff are out this evening managing traffic which has been reduced to one lane.

On Wednesday July 31, the Oropi Rd was closed due to a large sink hole that has formed at the edge of the southbound lane.

Earlier, there were reports across social media of cars breaking down near the Baypark and Bayfair roundabouts due to potholes in the road.

"Heaps of big potholes have opened up again by Baypark and Bayfair," wrote one person on Facebook. "Lots of popped tyres again. Be careful in the morning on your way to work peeps."

There were reports of five or six cars pulled over to the side of the road with drivers changing their tyres after hitting potholes on State Highway 2 near Girven Rd. 

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Pot holes

Posted on 05-09-2019 08:19 | By

We were one of the many car in a line on SH2 last night having hit the pot hole between Bayfair and ASB Stadium ... not one tyre but two and probably the wheels as well ... very unhappy ... but a nice police man took us off of the very narrow hard shoulder to safety ... Who is going to be accountable ... the NZTA or Council for all the damage to personal property, not to mention personal safety ... get your act together!!