A strike for all ages

A group of climate change protesters outside the Tauranga City Council stand in solidarity with Wellingtonian Ollie Langdridge.

Tauranga students will be striking for climate change this month, and they are encouraging people of all ages to get involved.

School Strike 4 Climate Tauranga is organising a strike for Friday, September, 27 on the waterfront.

The group is especially keen to see older generations join in on the strike.

Strike convener Zoe de Malmanche says it’s extremely important for older generations to get on board to send a strong message to local councils.

“If we can encourage people that are working to come join, then they can potentially close their workplaces down if there is a lack of employees on that day. It creates more incentive, particularly with local council.”

Zoe reiterates that students are still very much at the forefront of the movement, however, they need additional support from adults.

“It’s still led by students. They are going to be the most affected by the impacts of climate change.

“However, we acknowledge the importance of including all those who understand the cause to protest alongside us.”

Zoe says older people who join the strike are standing up for their children, grandchildren and youth around NZ.

“A lot of the older generation do acknowledge climate change but for them, it’s not quite as important.

“It’s more confronting for us, but with education and conversation it’s something they can all get on board with.”

Tauranga resident Mary Rose joined School 4 Strike Tauranga last Friday at a ‘sit-out’ outside Tauranga City Council Chambers. She is planning to join the school strike next month too.

She is absolutely rapt about the rising of students around the world to address climate change.

“I have come here to be supportive. Good on you, and may you be heard.”

Within the financial year of 2015-2016, Tauranga produced about 760,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent. Sixty-one per cent of these emissions relate to transport.

The location of Tauranga makes it more vulnerable to the impacts of sea-level rise with a projection of a rise of over 1.3 meters by 2120 - only 100 years away.

Zoe reckons people in Tauranga need to stop using their cars on a daily basis.

“We need to focus on carpooling, biking and taking the bus. By doing that you are encouraging the council to take further action and invest in those sectors more if they know people are actually going to use them.

“We also need to have these conversations about where our carbon footprint is and what we can do to stop that.”

For more information about the upcoming protest, visit:

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Sorry kids

Posted on 04-09-2019 06:07 | By mac attack

Unfortunately I live in the real world and have bills to pay.


Posted on 03-09-2019 18:50 | By Kancho

Again the naivety of youth. I don’t think striking does anything, missing school is just taking a day off or truancy if you like. Climate change is absolutely inevitable. Consumerism and population grow will outpace any efforts to reduce mankind’s impact. Forest fires and volcanic activity more than anything else create co2. By the way the young are absolutely immersed in consumerism more than any generation ever who went before. My generation hardly ever saw plastics, electronics, travelling in cars, fashion clothes and ephemera of today. By all means do your thing but don’t preach to older generations about how to live. Read more about the enormity of the global problems and consider if anything will really turn back the clock. Best fix no one have no children until the earth rebalances against over use of too many


Posted on 03-09-2019 18:46 | By dumbkof2

these kids should be in school learning the basics of maths and learning to read and understand english. instead they are being brainwashed by the scaremongers


Posted on 03-09-2019 18:29 | By Jem762

No one will declare an emergency for a natural cycle caused largely by the sun. Please, students, do your research. You are being lied to and it is painful to watch. You will be part of the problem which leads climate and politics to become inseparable.

practise what you preach

Posted on 03-09-2019 16:19 | By hapukafin

If you students want support start by practising what you preach.Stop using cars to go to school and to your strike,stop using your cell phone and computers,get your school to turn off the air conditioning,just these few things to start with..