Govt to roll out free lunches for some schools

Jacinda Ardern.

The government is rolling out a daily free lunch trial starting with 30 primary and intermediate schools from the beginning of next year.

The intention is to extend it to 21,000 children in 120 schools by the beginning of 2021.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced the lunch programme in Rotorua today, saying, the issue is simple - New Zealanders don't want kids to go hungry.

Jacinda says fixing all the contributors to child poverty will take time but one thing the government can do straight away is make sure children get at least one decent meal a day.

The free lunch programme is one of many initiatives in the Child and Youth Wellbeing Strategy, which the government consulted with 10,000 people on.

More than 6000 of people were children, and Jacinda says they are the ones to point out that going to school hungry was a barrier to their learning.

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Posted on 30-08-2019 08:26 | By hapukafin

There is no free lunch.Hard working Kiwis are having to front up for unresponsible parents having kids.There is a number child benifit hand outs for each child.Where is this money going.?I know where some of it goes and Im sure the PM knows and dont want to admit it.Has she visited any pokie venues on Benefit days,I bet she hasnt.One place I came across prams are qued up outside and mothers are inside waiting for the next machine that someone has lost all her money to walk away .I know that some people have to purchase groceries on Welfare credit card.It is time to re introduce coupons for food and clothing from welfare money,to ensure a fair amount of it goes to the kids that it is paid for.We experienced coupons after the war and it worked then so why wont it work now with our modern technology


Posted on 29-08-2019 17:13 | By

Not really free are they? Somebody is paying to put food in the mouths of children brought into the world by hopeless people. Keep churning them out.