Police nab drivers speeding through road works

File photo.

A total of 26 drivers have been fined for speeding through a roadworks area in the Western Bay of Plenty.

On Tuesday morning, the Western Bay of Plenty Road Policing Unit set up a checkpoint at the roadworks on Te Puke Highway between Bell Road and Poplar Lane where a temporary 30km/h speed limit was in force.

Over a 90 minute period, 26 vehicles were stopped and infringements issued for speeds over 50km/h.

Four of those were heavy vehicles.

Sergeant Craig Madden is disappointed with the results.

“It’s the road workers who are at risk of injury and potential death if hit by a vehicle travelling at that speed,” he says.

“Police will continue to monitor and enforce speeds in road work areas.”

Speeding and travelling too fast for the conditions is a contributing factor in around one third of all fatal crashes and 15 per cent of all injury crashes.

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Posted on 28-08-2019 13:29 | By dumbkof2

they wonder why motorists speed. just passed cones all over the place and not a workman in sight

The Works Cried Wolf.

Posted on 28-08-2019 10:25 | By Justin T.

I fully sympathise with the Road Workers, they have a hell of a job and damn dangerous to boot! Good on the Police for taking action as well! But.... how many times do we go through road coned speed limited work areas and theres no-one there and the surfaces are perfectly fine and the limits accordingly pathetic. And sometimes that can be for weeks on end. Lazyness with signage coming off when not needed is not helping their cause as we become accustomed to "Works that cried wolf".


Posted on 28-08-2019 10:01 | By R1Squid

Check out the B2B temporary speed limit area between 05:30 and 07:00. I have seen the electronic speed limit monitor hit 90km/h.