15th Ave works to start next week

The aim of the works is to free up capacity at the Fraser Street/15th Avenue intersection so that it operates safely and efficiently.

Works on the first stage of 15th Ave improvements will start on Monday.

Tauranga City Council says the aim is to free up capacity at the Fraser Street/15th Avenue intersection so that it operates safely and efficiently, particularly during the afternoon peak travel time.

"This, along with restricting traffic from side roads, will see some benefit to journey time reliability along 15th Avenue towards the Hairini causeway," says a council spokesperson.

"Work is expected to be complete by mid-2020."

Stage 1 includes:

  •   •  widening the road with two continuous southbound lanes from Fraser Street, merging to one lane after Burrows Street to give the 15th Avenue/Fraser Street intersection a better chance to clear in the afternoons

  •   •  installing traffic lights at the Burrows Street intersection to manage the traffic entering 15th Avenue and maintain a safe crossing point for people on foot and on bikes

  •   •  closing the exit from Grace Road onto 15th Avenue and closing the Turret Road slip lane to control traffic from these side streets

  •   •  installing a new shared path from Alexander Street to Mayfair Street via the new signalised crossing at Burrows Street to improve connections for pedestrians, cyclists and other vulnerable road users

  •   •  developing a new northwest-bound bus lane between Mayfair Street and Scantlebury Street to improve bus service reliability. While this lane is relatively short, it is part of possible future plans to improve the wider bus network.

The first couple of weeks of the project mainly revolve around setting the site up and beginning preliminary works.

“We are looking forward to getting this project underway and are working to minimise any issues for road users and people living and working in this area," says Martin Parkes, Manager Transportation.

"To ensure that the affected community is kept up to date, we will be issuing regular e-newsletters and media releases.”

The road will stay open for the duration of the project, so commuters can continue to use this main route. However, delays are expected during the works.

“It is very tempting to have a good look at what’s happening with the works. However, anything that takes a driver's attention away from the road can be a potential hazard," says Senior Sergeant Craig Rawlinson.

"Therefore we ask drivers to actively contribute to the prevention of further delays by keeping their eyes on the road and avoiding ‘rubbernecking’, which could potentially slow down the traffic flow.”

Earlier information about the project funding and linkage to the Urban Form and Transport Initiative (UFTI) can be found on the web page:

This web page also contains a link to subscribe to a regular e-newsletter with updates about the 15th Avenue Stage 1 works.

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Won't work

Posted on 27-08-2019 18:08 | By WelcomeBay

As I have said before. This idea won’t work. The idea of keeping traffic flowing is making it (as much as possible) not have to stop. If you put in a set of lights what does traffic do when lights are red. IT STOPS. Let traffic use 14th ave turret rd, put in a slip lane off turret road where it meets 15th ave have it 2 lanes and merge together by the park on the left. Quick cheap fix until it get 4 lanes both ways. I go down 15th ave and sometimes 14th and turret.and by the time I get to turret rd bridge traffic is gone and flowing. Seems like a no brainer. But sometimes I think the person that designs our roads either doesn’t have a license or doesn’t drive the roads. Lots of brains but no common sense.

Very Doubtful Sorry

Posted on 27-08-2019 08:12 | By

Definitely got my doubts about this. I totally agree something needs to be done but I can’t see this working sorry. Grace Road traffic will now have to move to Burrow/15th intersection putting more pressure there from reducing entry points. We’re still going to have the bottleneck problem as we reduce to a single lane. Said bottleneck will still cause major issues that with the present volume of traffic (not even looking at projected growth) is still going to have massive queues at a standstill just longer queues. Why not bowl the toilets at the beach, reclaim some land (horrors, hideous I know) and just double lane it all the way to the Welcome Bay intersections.