Armed police in Ohauiti

Video by Reuben Kaua.

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Armed police have been spotted in Ohauiti this afternoon.

A SunLive reader has messaged us on Facebook to say they saw armed officers on Honeysuckle Lane.

SunLive emailed police to see what was happening in the area.

A police spokesperson says police are carrying out a pre-planned search warrant.

At the scene?

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Sorry, but lets get real -

Posted on 20-08-2019 23:38 | By The Caveman

EVERY police car in NZ now carries firearms !! And while the government is pushing the "we have the guns under control" idea, clearly the POLICE are not of the same opinion. The slightest suggestion the their may be a "problem" means that the Police turn up with "an airmed - shut down the total area attitude" - all most daily somewhere in NZ !! And the LEGAL firearms owners are being KICKED IN THE GUTS - because the GANGS/CRIMS are the a____ holes actually using the guns that they have obtained illegally, one way or the other !!