Public consultation for Draft Naming Policy

Tauranga City Council yesterday approved its Draft Naming Policy to proceed to formal public consultation in November.

The policy’s purpose is to provide a consistent approach to naming streets, reserves, council community facilities, public places and infrastructure in Tauranga.

The draft also looks to encourage locally significant Māori names for streets, reserves, community facilities and public places as well as enable greater visibility of mana whenua connections to Tauranga, says a council spokesperson.

“The policy includes the ability to give new and existing streets, reserves, facilities and public places an English and te reo Māori name. This is called dual-naming.

“Councillors noted that dual-naming and renaming were treated separately by the policy. The intention of the policy is not to give the city’s streets brand new names in replacement of their current ones.”

Ahead of public consultation, council will be running a short survey to gauge the public’s feedback on some of the proposed changes within the policy, as part of its pre-engagement.

“This feedback will be used to help guide decision making and changes to the policy as council goes through the review process.

“This short survey will be available on council’s website and Facebook page from 5pm, 5 August.”

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Posted on 31-07-2019 12:43 | By nerak

will they listen?

Is it me?

Posted on 31-07-2019 12:29 | By morepork

Dual naming of streets is insane and it is "Political Correctness" gone crazy. I’m not offended if a street has a Maori name and I suspect most Maori will not be offended if a street doesn’t have a Maori name. We live in a multicultural society where either can be acceptable. For a single street to have two names is patently stupid, and an accident looking for a place to happen. Wait until the missed deliveries start happening, the opportunity for fraud (one person with two addresses at the same location - electoral rolls?), and the confusion that is bound to arise. We have problems with ONE name; this will simply compound it. Why is there no accountability for this?

This is called

Posted on 31-07-2019 10:57 | By Maryfaith

This is called pandering to a vocal few! This is called ignoring public views! This is called madness!