Welcome Bay rally together for clean up

Rubbish on Welcome Bay Road. Photo: Daniel Hines/SunLive.

This morning, a group of proactive Welcome Bay Baptist Church members are walking around Welcome Bay to pick up rubbish, in the hopes of making their community clean.

The group, named ‘Volunteers for Good’ is only small, however organiser Clark Nemeth says he believes the cleanup will make a great difference.

Clark has seen the work of Sarah Ardill who voluntarily cleans up areas of Welcome Bay Road on her own, and he took it upon himself to get a bunch of people together to tidy up their community.

“After seeing what Sarah was doing, it was kind of a no brainer to us,” says Clark.

“I drive that way to work because I go out to Papamoa, and I could not believe what I was seeing.

“It’s gob smacking, just seeing trailer loads of rubbish in the drains, and then I saw the article on Sarah and I thought this lady is on to it.”

Clark is very much frustrated with the council’s lack of input into cleaning up the rubbish, and he says since the area is home to him and many others, they have to do something about it.

Today, Clark and his team will be setting off at 9am and they expect to finish at 3pm.

“Welcome Bay is a long road, and I’m not sure how much we will get done.

“We are setting ourselves a big target, but I think we will get about 15 people from our church and anyone else who wishes to come along.”

Clark says his objective is to support Sarah and to continue the work she is already doing.

“I think what Sarah is doing is just marvellous,” says Clark.

“It’s about getting out into the community and building relationships with people like Sarah, and using the church in the community to do good, and that’s our effort really.”

Sarah Ardill cleaning up the roadside. Photo: Daniel Hines/SunLive.

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I applaud...

Posted on 27-07-2019 16:42 | By morepork

the people doing this and it is a generous action. The REAL problem is the NEED to do it. Until such time as litter, waste, and vandalism are seen to be the anti-social actions they are, and the people doing it receive disapproval from their peers (in other words, a sea change in the mind set of certain people) we will need this kind of remedial action. People caught littering should be given 100 hours Community Service and made to walk the roads doing exactly what these volunteers are doing...