Speaker stolen from Welcome Bay School

Welcome Bay School. Image: Google Maps.

Welcome Bay School is taking to social media in the hope of finding the person/persons responsible for the theft of a speaker.

“Unfortunately over the holidays on Tuesday July 9 at 12.45am we have had a speaker stolen from school,” says the Welcome Bay School Facebook page.

“This resulted in us not having a working bell system at school and will cost over $400 to fix.

“The two individuals were caught on our security cameras.

“If you know either person, and can ask them to pop in and return the speaker, then this incident can be resolved before we would have to take it any further.

“We really appreciate any support with this issue.”

To see what the two individuals look like, check out the post below or head to the Welcome Bay School Facebook page.

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MUG shots

Posted on 24-07-2019 19:22 | By CC8

WHAT A PAIR OF NUMBNUTS. So clever that they steal a speaker and don’t notice the camera beside it. If you listen carefully, you will probably find the idiot with the loud speaker connected to the stolen sound system on his pushbike!!! Hopefully with his grandmother kicking his arse up and down the street after seeing this!! Bringing shame on his family.